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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Varro Vivyds’ New Single “Fool’s Gold”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Varro Vivyds is back with her new single “Fool’s Gold”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I’m a fool, I’m a fool for putting you up on a pedestal/I’m a fool and your body is gold”. Even without hearing the melody behind these lyrics, they are already dripping with emotion. The age old contradiction: knowing something is bad for us but wanting it more than anything. In her new single “Fool’s Gold”, Vivyds captures this feeling with a pristine and immaculate perfection. Just like its subject matter, this track is deathly addicting. Its arrangement is minimal in the best way, there’s nothing you don’t want and everything you do. Standout aspects are the backing vocals that accompany the leads right from the get-go and the electric guitar intro. The harmonies that Varro can establish are convincing, and loveable, they make the listener almost melt into the track. As for the electric guitar, the tone is quite apropos for this genre of music. It hits the nail on the head, but not in an obnoxious way, instead it baits listeners with a sense of familiarity. The track is a must-hear, and it would be smart to pay attention to the Santa Cruz native who appears to be quickly making space for herself in the genre.

“Fool’s Gold was the first song I wrote after a six year hiatus due to struggling with active addiction,” said Vivyds. “It’s a beautifully written break up song about my first clean relationship, and first clean break up. Fool’s Gold is extremely relatable, and when you listen, it feels as if it was written for you personally.”

Vivyds creatively captures her emotions and writes them in such a way where the audience will feel like they’re experiencing them too. Her melody work will have her songs playing in your head during the day, and keeping you up at night. Varro has the ability to stay fresh in a world where the listener feels they’ve heard it all before.


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