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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Riley Michaels’ New Single “Turn Off The Lights”

By: Staff –

Niagara, ON.-based musician Riley Michaels is back with his new single “Turn Off The Lights”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Turn Off The Lights” is a song about balance – an acknowledgement of becoming so wrapped up in something that a person may neglect other aspects of life, like personal relationships with family and friends. With its soft, sensitive melody and lyrics of longing, Michaels‘ “Turn Off The Lights” showcases the 20-year-old’s abundant musical talent and will easily resonate with anyone who has ever focused a little too much of their time in one place.

“I realized that I was so consumed in trying to craft a career, that I had forgotten to take time and spend it with people that I care about,” said Michaels. “Turn Off the Lights” is a song about dedication – to a person, a career, and about reconnecting with the one you love.”

The up-and-coming artist is a dedicated student of music and its history. With a laser focus on his musicianship, Michaels’ sound is reminiscent of the guitar stylings of John Mayer and the melodies of James Bay. “Turn Off The Lights” is a slow tempo, melodic guitar-pop tune, co-produced by Tal Vaisman (Ascot Royals) and Andre Kaden Black (Fefe Dobson, Walk Off The Earth) and was mastered by legendary Canadian engineer, Noah Mintz. 

Michaels is a blues-trained musician who incorporates numerous musical styles into his sound. The singer-songwriter draws his inspiration from James Bay’s indie-pop sound, the guitar stylings of John Mayer, and overall brilliance of Prince. Michaels is busy crafting a sound all his own while making a name for himself both locally and across the country. He has shared stages with legendary Canadian musician Anthony Gomes, as well as Paul Deslauriers and Jack Dekeyzer.


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