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Exclusive Premiere: Watch JP Sunga’s New Video for “In My Bones”

By: Staff –

JP Sunga. (Photo: Lawrence O. Fajardo)

Canadian musician JP Sunga is back with a new video for his track “In My Bones”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves when pursuing our own goals or dreams,” said Sunga. “‘In My Bones” is about finally surrendering to the idea that you WILL achieve what your heart knows you are fully capable of achieving. It is essentially an anthem that celebrates overcoming self-doubt.”

Exploring the relatable themes of self-doubt and mustering up the strength to find confidence in oneself, “In My Bones” is an anthem for all those who feel the drive to pursue a passion, no matter how long they have tried to suppress it. The song was produced locally by Waterloo music producer Sam Hillifer (Sundiver, Will Currie & The Country French), and was recorded at Hillifer Studios. 

The music video for “In My Bones” depicts multiple characters, including Sunga himself, overcoming their self doubt. As the song amplifies, viewers watch a dancer, a boxer, and a runner move through their insecurities to perform their craft. Directed by Canadian film director Nick Dragas and filmed in Waterloo, ON, the video for “In My Bones” perfectly captures the meaning and emotion of the song.

“In My Bones” is an upbeat, pop-fused exploration of what can happen when you silence the sometimes deafening sounds of self-doubt. Whether it was getting in his own way or allowing himself to consider what others would think of his music, Sunga has pushed himself through his hesitations about writing music, recording his songs, and performing live. Serving as a leader-by-example, Sunga is creating his upcoming album to show both himself, and his children, that you really can do anything you set your mind to.

Having put his musical aspirations on hold after getting married and having children, Sunga knew that he wanted to continue working on the music career he launched in the early 2000’s to notable success. Growing older and having never lost his passion for music, Sunga decided to start recording his upcoming album as a legacy project for his children, as something they could have forever to remember him by. Additionally, Sunga is working on the project to show himself and others that no matter your age or stage in life, you can and should continue to pursue anything you feel called to do.


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