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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Aaron Kowal’s New Single “Phobia”

By Staff –

Winnipeg-based singer-songwriter Aaron Kowal is back with his new single “Phobia”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The song serves as a captivating electro-queer-pop track that taps into the anxieties of the age.

“I first had the idea for “Phobia” back in 2019, said Kowal. “I knew I wanted to write a song that addressed anxiety, particularly the social anxiety I’ve experienced throughout my life. I wanted to make it personal, but still keep it dancy, edgy and bit cheeky. Musically, the sounds of this track are meant to evoke a sense of alarm & panic, while lyrically, the “phobia” in question is a metaphorical fear of commitment. “Phobia” is the first in a string of singles slated for release in 2021 that address this central theme of fear and/or uncertainty in relationships. But I wanted to release this song now because it’s content reaches well beyond my own anxieties and those of my generation, and connects with the widespread isolation, insecurity and vulnerability that people are facing today as a result of this pandemic. As the lyrics go: “you can try to love me but I’ll be just out of reach…I got a phobia of your love.”

With a musical ability that blends passionate and creative songwriting with the seductive, mysterious, devil-may-care attitude that only the finest of pop music greats possess, Kowal has entered the stage with a smirk and a flourish, determined to earn his place on your playlist no matter what the cost.

Aaron Kowal · Phobia


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