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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Conduit’s Debut EP “Only Human”

By: Staff –

Emerging indie soul singer-songwriter, Conduit has released her debut EP, Only Human, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The six song project, including Conduit’s single “Gemini Rising,” is fully written, produced, and performed by Conduit.

Known for her lyricism, soulful voice, and intuitive musicality, Conduit continues to tackle complex human themes through the perspective of a queer woman in this evocative new project.

“Only Human is about the bittersweet reality of being human—the joy and the fear that comes with that,” says Conduit. “Musically, the EP is anchored in the indie-soul genre. Lyri- cally, this project is motivated by my reflections on feelings of loneliness, grief, joy, worthi- ness, while staying true to my identity as a queer woman.”

Conduit released 3 singles in 2020 and is slated to release a queer-pop album this coming June.

Conduit is the alias for singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer, Baileigh Wilks. A queer woman born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, her music carries sapphic, spir- itual and dreamy themes.

Wilks’ musical journey began at age 5. As a childhood self-taught singer-songwriter, she was always drawn to poetry and verse. Motivated by that lyricism and storytelling, she went on to teach herself guitar, piano and ukulele. The humble beginnings of this DIY-side of music led her to pursue music academically, where she went on to study guitar performance at FSCJ.

Most recently, Wilks has been inspired to write and produce music that comments on the collective conscious of the American mind, while also inserting her personal experience as a queer woman born-and-raised in the Southern United States.

Always soulful and honest with a touch of twang, Wilks is a self-produced solo artist that continues releasing music inspired by indie pop, R&B and queer culture.


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