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Exclusive: Stream Erica Knox’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Erica Knox’s new single “Running Inside Of My Brain”,  the emerging singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

In the midst of collaborating her new sound, Knox is set to showcase herself in 2021 with music that you won’t be able to forget. From upbeat excitement to mellow nostalgia, her self-portrayed intimate lyrics tackle themes of love, life, and identity.

Produced by Kadeema’s Tal Vaisman, Knox’s new single, “Running Inside Of My Brain,” came from a relationship that shouldn’t have worked out from the very beginning. From start to finish, there were so many red flags and obvious signs that were ignored. It’s not worth losing yourself to be with someone else, no matter how good the ending could be.\

Walk The Moon – “Surrender”

The first time I heard this song, I had a complete revelation and everything seemed to become clear. I was going through my first breakup and this song came on, and it immediately hit me that I was going to be okay. The beat, the lyrics, the FEELING this song projects is something I strive for in every song I write.

Dagny – “Love You Like That”

My friends and I were at a LANY concert in 2017 when Dagny opened for them. We’d never heard of her or her music, but her stage presence and set were incredible. The second she played this song, the crowd became ELECTRIC. It was something I have never felt at a show before and it’s stuck with me ever since. Dagny is a huge inspiration for a lot of the upbeat pop songs I write, her energy and talent is truly unreal.

Fleetwood Mac – “Silver Springs”

This is one of my favourite songs in the world, the stage presence between Stevie and Lindsey is unmatched, especially during this song. “Time casts a spell on you, but you won’t forget me” and “I’ll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you. You’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you” are such powerful lyrics, and I would hold onto them
and SCREAM THEM whenever I felt upset during the time of this particular breakup. No matter how much you love someone, it won’t make them love you back, but you can guarantee that you won’t let them forget you. Stevie Nicks is my ultimate inspiration, and her lyrics are something that will always transcend me.

Taylor Swift – “I Wish You Would”

It was super hard to narrow down one specific Taylor Swift song that would have inspired me the most, because she has hands down been my biggest musical inspiration since I began learning guitar at the age of 9. My friends and I study all of her lyrics, I’ve been to every show she’s played in Toronto since her first tour, and I just idolize her mind. Not only do her lyrics
motivate me to write better songs, her confidence is captivating, and watching her on stage is like a movie. This song in particular is one I could never get sick of, and reminds me most of what inspires my own songs.

Lennon Stella – “Bitch (Takes One to Know One)

This is such a strong song by SUCH a strong artist. Omg, I love Lennon. Her lyrics are relatable, include all the catchy pop hooks, and her voice is insane. Before I wrote RIOMB, my (now) boyfriend and I got to see her live when she played at the Danforth in Toronto in 2019 and she was insaaaaanely good, and sounded even better live. This song was one of many songs that him and I enjoyed listening to together, and the anger and defeat in the lyrics definitely inspired the lyrics in RIOMB.

Harry Styles – “Cherry”

Although this song was released after I wrote RIOMB, I thought it was fitting, and anything Harry does I’ll be there for. He makes me not scared to take risks in new music I write or create. This song in particular rips me to shreds, and I love it more everyday because of that. The voicemail at the end is just the tip of the iceberg in heartache. 10 outta 10.

Lorde – “Hard Feelings/Loveless”

This song makes me wanna cry every time I hear it, it has this high level of nostalgia to it, and it’s incredibly moving. “I care for myself the way I used to care about you” is one of the strongest lyrics, and it punches me in the heart every time I hear it. Plus the last verse before going into LOVELESS is crazy sad – you move on because you have no choice.

Tove Styrke – “Sway”

Pop queen!!! I’ll never get tired of this song, it truly gets you moving. The silent pauses in the first half of the song really heighten it, and hook you in to see what happens next. It’s a pop dream, and it definitely makes me wanna write a hype pop song to dance in the club too.

Lany & Julia Michaels – “Okay”

This song was on repeat a lot during the time of writing RIOMB. I love Julia Michaels, and I was listening to LANY a lot at the time. The lyrics in this song hit close to home – it’s like the more gentle sister to RIOMB lol. Both sides knew that when the relationship ended, it would hurt a a lot. So who’s fault is that in the end? The one staying, hoping it works out? Or the one who just isn’t fully in it? :):):) I’m not gonna answer that.

LÉON – “Better in the Dark”

With one of the most captivating voices I’ve ever heard, LÉON embodies a pop storyteller, while keeping her sound organic and dreamy. Maybe not the music you’d generally hear on American radio stations, but this music and storytelling is something that constantly inspires me. Before Tal and I began working on RIOMB, I gave him a few songs that I’d really wanna lean towards with starting new music, and LÉON in general was at the top of the list. We both loved how her voice really is the main focus, with harmonies and simple instrumentation highlighting it, while the beats keep it flowing. I love her.

ABBA – “Thank You For The Music”

When my sister and I were growing up, I specifically remember playing our favourite 90s-2000s music from Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys to Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff, but my mom always liked ABBA, and I remember this song specifically. The older I get, the more I love this band, and it makes me think of everything and everyone that have helped me get to where I am
today. Not only is this song super nostalgic, it heavily resonates with me, and it makes me wanna make classic pop songs you and your friends can dance to until 3am.


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