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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Terez’s New Video for “Hot Mess”

By: Staff –

Canadian electropop/rock singer-songwriter Terez is back with a new video for “Hot Mess”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The Hot Mess video is intended to be a light-hearted video of a girl choosing to have fun no matter who she’s with… Even if it’s just a mannequin,” said Terez. “I hope viewers can find their own way of gracefully enjoying their Hot Mess side and have a little fun at home during this wild time. This video may be part of a bigger storyline, you’ll just have to wait and see *awkward wink*.”

Terez had an explosive start to 2020. After performing with Canadian star Ria Mae, the 24-year-old artist was scheduled to perform with RALPH just as the pandemic hit. 

With numerous aspects of her work remaining behind the scenes, Terez has become one of the most sought after Canadian songwriters and creative directors across multiple genres of music. Between Calgary, Nashville, and Toronto, 24-year-old Terez has become a household name in the music community, and is routinely commissioned to support other artists and their creative endeavours. With an early 2000’s pop sound that blends Ariana Grande with Avril Lavigne, Terez has over 400,000 streams on her recently released music and a fanbase of over 100,000. The artist is getting ready to release her first EP, with “Hot Mess” as its first single.

“Hot Mess” is an ode to poking fun at yourself – being able to laugh at the craziness, or coincidences going on in your life. Inspired by a night out when she accidentally left her wallet in an Uber (she got it back), and found out that the guy she was hanging out with was a new friends’ ex-boyfriend, the singer turned the craziness of the story into a song that anyone can relate to. Imagining “groups of girlfriends doing their makeup to the song” Terez’s “Hot Mess” turns a coincidence and a mistake into a pop anthem for everyone.

Terez has a creative eye that is rarely seen in the music industry today. At 24, Terez has written 500+ songs, shared a stage with Keith Urban, writes music for numerous artists in a variety of genres, runs her own company, plays her own instruments, writes her own songs, and was recently selected by SOCAN to participate in a female-only class in music production. Her songs discuss topics such as self-love, mental health, and acceptance. At her young age, Terez has an understanding of the music industry that can take most artists decades. Her new music compliments the classic Terez sound while showing her growth, and will be sure to delight her current, and soon to be fans alike!


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