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Exclusive: Stream Aiko Tomi’s New “Yibbity Yaw Yeet” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

Aiko Tomi. (Photo: Wendy Wei)

To celebrate the release of Aiko Tomi’s latest single “Can’t Touch Me”,  the emerging Toronto-based alt-pop artist curated a brand new “Yibbity Yaw Yeet” Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Princess Nokia — “Heart” 

I’ve loved the candid humour of Princess Nokia’s lyrics ever since I heard “Tomboy” a few years back. She is a mind reader — this tiny little tune “Heart” is pretty much my internal monologue when I’m being real (and kind to myself). I adore the line, “Everything I’m not is everything I am.” Wavy Spice forever.

Madge — “Ethanol”

The way Madge has manifested her multiple personas (visually and musically) is something I admire. “Ethanol” has a floaty drum n’ bass groove that evolves into an intense hyperpop jam. What a vibe!

K CAMP — “Lottery (Renegade)”

I came across this song on TikTok while checking to see if my debut single “LOTTO” was available on the platform. What can I say? This K CAMP tune is a bop; I look forward to hearing it blasted at a venue and feeling the floor shake.

Masia One — “Warriors Tongue”

My talented friend Masia One (#FarEastEmpress) is a super prolific artist whose artistry and fiercely independent spirit continue to amaze me through the years. This song from her album “Bootleg Culture” makes me want to move — the Asian drum beat sounds amazing. I love her uplifting message and powerful delivery — the line “Never seen a Chiney gyal so big and loud,” makes me smile every time. Go Chiney Money!

Santigold — “Look at these Hoes”

Everything about the energy of this song; such incredible layers humming with badassery. “I’m so damn gold,” she says. Yes you are.

Björk — “Army of Me”

I can’t believe this song was released over 25 years ago, in 1995 (I’ve loved this tune for close to 20 years). Björk is just way too ahead of her time. True story: my introduction to Björk came from my mom, a Chinese immigrant who only listens to classical music — she came home one day and gave me the DVDs for Post, Homogenic and Vespertine saying, “This is a real artist.” Mama knows best.

100 gecs — “Hand Crushed by a Mallet”

As a keys player, the thought of my hand being crushed by a mallet is probably my worst nightmare, but I’m pretty sure this song would make the experience more palatable. Also, the first line, “I was trying to find a way to kill time,” feels like a common lockdown goal. Very timely.

Rich Brian — “Who That Be”

Rich Brian is weirdly hardcore and super chill at the same time — in the music video for this song, he sits on a vintage couch petting a lap dog while rapping with dark, low-key menacing energy. I’ve been a fan girl from the moment “Dat $tick” came out. He’s released many tunes since and the productions have been levelling up in strides, but somehow through it all, his unique quirkiness is never diluted.

M.I.A. — “Bad Girls”

I fell in love with the video for this song when it came out in 2012. The desert setting, choreography, wardrobe — just the sheer scale and execution of it blew my mind. As an immigrant artist, I appreciate when others showcase aspects of their culture through their work. This song also has two catchy hooks, which, as a songwriter, I appreciate so much. It can be challenging enough to write one hook that sticks with listeners, let alone two in the same song!

AIKO TOMI — “Can’t Touch Me”

This song is a bit of an outlier from the get-go, since the intro is literally a descending chromatic scale (indulging music nerds around the world). I think it’s easy for many artists to second-guess themselves. When I wrote this tune, I was in a really great headspace and wanted to capture it as a reminder to myself and anyone else pursuing an unconventional creative lane, that it feels good to make art for the right reasons — in this case, self-exploration and artistic expression. In all seriousness, the beat slaps (away any judgement) so add it to your feel-good playlist.

Die Antwoord — “Open the Door”

As a self-identified hyperactive softie, I can’t express how much I enjoy the line, “I am the softest, but I still jump on the mic and spark a fuckin mosh-pit” in Yolandi’s alien kitty coo. This track’s dark vibes and affected vocalizations are transporting.

Alice Longyu Gao — “Karma is a Witch”

There are so many elements in this song that make me smile, from the “pay me money” hook, Sailor Moon references (can we take a moment to appreciate the kawaii-admonishments “I will hunt you down” and “I’m going to punish you” in retaliation for stealing ideas?), to the “pyonpyonpyon” sound. This song has such slick arrangement and production while being funny, cute and cool as heck.


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