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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Dirty Snowman Society’s New Single “Kiss Me or Kill Me”

By: Staff –

Colorado-based rock band Dirty Snowman Society is back with their new single “Kiss Me or Kill Me”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“The title says it all on this one,” says the band. “The song is about a couple that takes it to the edge; a little danger is the thrill. It’s a fun, hard rocking straight ahead song. Hard Rock with a twisted topic.”

“Kiss Me or Kill Me,” the new piece is off their upcoming EP, Snowblind, out 2/15, contains their usual classic rock inspiration and hard-hitting lyrics, but this time they introduced some new elements that make the song unique to the rest of the band’s discography. Dirty Snowman Society loves to make a big statement with driving electric guitar riffs and powerful thought-evoking lyrics.

The song showcases the band’s signature sound, while bringing to life the different instrumental nuances and messages in the song helps to give the listener something that can be described in no other way but hypnotic. The song is driven by a powerful guitar melody and booming drum parts that are executed insanely well by the band.

The band’s smoldering emotive musicality recalls Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and other beacons of the 1990s riff rock revival. Lyrically, the band touches on everyday life struggles, politics, and romance. For Frank Costantini (vocalist / drummer / co-songwriter), who has had a successful professional career as a writer in advertising, working on original music unlocked a flow of words he had never previously accessed. For most of the guys in Dirty Snowman Society, the band is a chance to reclaim a love of rock n’ roll, and share the joy of music with others. 


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