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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Julia Sound’s New Single “Fly Again” (Feat. Jo Megasonic)

By: Staff –

Julia Sound is back with her new single “Fly Again” (feat. Jo Megasonic), which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The track, from the BC music collective, is 100% female written, performed and produced – with further diversity focusing on Bi-POC and/or LGBTQ2S+ artists. 

A composer, songwriter, mixer, sound designer, and producer – Julia Sound (aka Lin Gardiner)  has a decorated history in the music business that has spanned years (and countries). With “Fly Again” she marks a new departure into a hip-hop world tinged with ambient doom.  “The single came about as I had been playing with binaural beats for that low drone,” says Gardiner. “I was in an ambient dub kind of a mood after working on a different song from the album, so I started building out this beat. Normally I would add more elements and layers, but Jo’s free flow was so good I didn’t want to add anything else.”

Created during the pandemic, “Fly Again” is amongst a myriad of songs to come from an upcoming album – but it is this track that directly references the state we currently find ourselves in.  Jo says “The beat is so deeply beautiful, and I started to flow over it, a piece of poetry that came out in a more unstructured format with the repeated sung part giving hope that one day we will travel again without fear. In the meantime, I hope that we can find adventure in our everyday living and let this music take us to a beautiful place in our minds.”

A standout in the video game, film and TV industries as well, Gardiner is a force to be reckoned with in the field, and a consistent and constant creative who can bring out the same in others.  With this new single, the duo taps into the hope that there will be better days to come…and indeed, they will (by the sounds of it).


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