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Exclusive: Stream Josh Tavares’ New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Josh Tavares’ new album ASHES, the Toronto-based alt-pop artist curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

“This playlist, similar to my new album ASHES is all about growth, moving on, and finding people that add value to your life, while hitting some speed bumps along the way,” said Tavares. “I can’t promise this will be the happiest playlist journey you’ve ever been on…”

  1. Isaac Dunbar – “intimate moments”: I LOVE ISAAC DUNBAR. I haven’t known about him for too long, but the first time I heard his voice, I listened to his entire catalogue, which is so diverse, but sounds just right. This song. OOF. I can totally relate to the idea of someone wanting more from you than you are willing to give. Or being pressured to act a certain way to seem “cool” or fit in. All this pressure can lead to social anxiety attacks, which are just NOT fun.
  2. ROLE MODEL – “going out”: Speaking of social anxiety… This is definitely a more upbeat anxiety-centred song than what I’ve written about the topic. I found ROLE MODEL during quarantine last year and have been obsessed ever since. I’ve suffered from social anxiety in the past and I can definitely relate to this song. Honestly, check out his entire catalogue (especially his new EP) – LOVE IT!
  3. Melanie Martinez – “Lunchbox Friends”: I’ve talked a lot about fake friends, or ruined friendships in my own music, whether it be my own experience, or a friend’s. This song perfectly sums up the idea of wanting meaningful relationships and clearing your life of any “noise”.
  4. Jessie Reyez – “I DO”: Getting rid of fake friends is great and all, but not easy. There have been so many times that I look back on old relationships and think “damn, could it have been worked out”, or “where would we be now if that fight never happened” #growingpains haha. Jessie’s entire album is sooo good. Strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t heard it before. And we’re both from the Toronto area, which is cool (hit me up for a collab?? haha)
  5. Troye Sivan – “IN A DREAM”: Similar to the last song, but this is more of a “closing the chapter” type song. Looking back and wondering “what if” is one thing, but letting those people back in your life probably won’t end well.
  6. Billie Eilish – “when the party’s over”: There is no way I could have a playlist that didn’t feature Billie. She’s a master at what she does, and I honestly wish I wrote this song. This song to me is about trying your best to get someone to love you the same way you love them, but you end up hurting yourself more in the process. Unreciprocated love. It sucks. “I could lie, say I like it like that” trying to come to terms with something you wish you didn’t have to.
  7. lovelytheband – “Maybe, I’m Afraid”: This song to me is about finally finding someone worth leaving your comfort zone for, but obviously being nervous. It lists reasons why you should run away from the situation, but acknowledging it’s probably just fear talking. I love this band and an honourable mention is “Your Whatever”.
  8. Taylor Swift – “august”: Anyone who knows me and is going through this list is probably shocked that the playlist isn’t just 10 Taylor songs. I am, in fact, a stan. Both albums she put out last year were completely unexpected but AH MAY ZING. This song for me is about new beginnings cut short. Trial and error. Sometimes the honey moon phase ends faster than expected, which is totally fine, but not always fun.
  9. AJR – “Turning Out”: It’s crazy to think back to when I was a kid about what I wanted to do with my life and what I’m actually doing now. I wanted to work in TV. I’m doing that. I wanted to put out music. I’m doing that. So it can be easy for people that I grew up with to say things like “wow, all your dreams came true” when, those dreams are still a work in progress. This song to me is all about evolving and constantly creating goals for yourself.
  10. Conan Gray – “Little League”: Conan’s album came out right at the beginning of quarantine and honestly, it was my soundtrack for a big part of it. This song to me is all about innocence when you’re young and growing up and realizing what life is REALLY like. Not that it’s all bad, but there are definitely some parts of my childhood I would gladly take in place of some parts of my adulthood. L O L!
  11. Shawn Mendes – “Wonder”: I honestly believe people are constantly growing and changing their view on things, so it only makes sense to end off with a “to be continued…” Being open to what’s next, instead of being scared of it. And right now, I think a lot of people are scared. But it’s so important to be hopeful, now especially. And although this song was written about a relationship, I think the lyrics can translate to many other parts of life.

An honourable mention would be “Liability” by Lorde (standing VERY by for her new album).


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