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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Alex Southey’s New Single “A Moth”

By: Staff –

Toronto based singer-songwriter Alex Southey is back with his new single “A Moth,” which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“It’s a sweet summer song about the thrill of love and its overwhelming, occasionally noxious elements,” said Southey. “Surrounding this negativity, however, are loving coos. The song is made up of words meant to create an overall atmosphere of love in heat, and in memory all of the details you can recall.”

“I wrote this song before many of the other songs that made up my recent album, …And the Country Stirred,” Southey continued. The earliest version of this song is from 2019, before I even released the album that preceded this recent one. It can take a long time for a song to find a kind of family home. I guess this one still hasn’t, but it’s got the kind of general personality and tonality of the rest of the record in a way that works when it’s considered as a one-off. If the album tracks are immediate family, this is a beloved cousin.”

Southey’s unique blend of wandering lyricism, atmospheric strings, and emotive sense of melody makes for an engrossing, contemplative listen. His third full-length album, …And the Country Stirred, was released on Feb. 5th, and was produced by JUNO-winner and Polaris Prize-nominee John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliott BROOD) and mastered by Aaron Hutchison (Zoon, Luka Kuplowsky).


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