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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Emily Clair’s New Single “Drive Me Home”

By: Staff –

Ajax, Ontario-based country music singer-songwriter Emily Clair is back with her new single “Drive Me Home”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Written by Clair, Doug Folkins, and Shawn Moore, who also produced, “Drive Me Home” mixes traditional and modern country influences with an added flair inspired by the artist’s own rock roots. The boldness of the track is emphasized through the artist’s strong and sultry vocal delivery and its underlying themes of physical chemistry and passion.

In speaking about “Drive Me Home”, Clair says, “This song came to me as a title first and then formed into a really fresh idea that needed to be shared. In country music, women don’t always feel comfortable expressing their own wants and desires. We’ve all heard songs about men taking women home. I felt it was time to do something different and tell that story from a woman’s perspective. This is the result!”

As her first single of 2021, “Drive Me Home” is poised to become another milestone for Clair after three consecutive Top 40 singles (“Me or the Whiskey”, “The Sobering Truth”, and “Bad Habits”) with two of them (“The Sobering Truth” and “Me or the Whiskey”) also making the semi-finals of the Unsigned Only Music Competition.

“Drive Me Home” is the latest collaboration between Clair and Moore, who is newly nominated by the CMAO (Country Music Association of Ontario) for Producer of the Year. The single will be also part of her first EP that is due later this year.

On a deeper level, Clair’s “Drive Me Home” and her upcoming music are in line with the lasting musical message she wants to convey to listeners – one that is defined by openness and honesty.

“As an artist, I am passionate about exploring themes and ideas that are distinct and aren’t always common in country music. When someone hears my music, I want them to they know it is fresh, authentic, and from a place of absolute truth. This single fits in with exactly with what I’m trying to convey as an artist and it’s also true to who I am.”


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