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Exclusive: Stream Distant Matter’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the upcoming release of Distant Matter’s new EP (due out this summer) and his latest track “Four Leaf Clover”,  the emerging Toronto-based multi-instrumental producer curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Jacob Banks & Louis The Child – “Diddy Bop”
This song puts me into the exact vibe I had in mind when writing “Four Leaf Clover”. Louis the Child is a huge inspiration for me, and the tone of Jacob Banks voice inspired the processing for the vocals of “Four Leaf Clover”. I also love the chords progression in this track.

Kota the Friend – “Long Beach”
The upbeat yet chill production of this song has been a go-to track for me when driving around lately.  The production reminds me of something Kaytranada would make and Kaytranada has been a huge inspiration for me since day one.

Duke Dumont – “Ocean Drive”
Whenever I need my nostalgic electronic fix, “Ocean Drive” is a must. This song is timeless. I used to listen to this song in high school and it reminds me of when I started getting into electronic music.

Rufus Du Sol – “Brighter”
Rufus Du Sol is one of the reasons I started making electronic music. I became obsessed after my older brother showed me who they were after discovering them at Osheaga in like 2016. They completely inspired my early production stages and still to this day influence my elements of sound design and overall vibe.

Lorde – “Green Light (Chromeo Remix)”
Chromeo was one of the first electro artists I started liking. When I was younger my older brother and I would always drive around and listen to music. Chromeo was always playing and their remix of “Green Light” is my favourite piece of music from them to date. This track is in every single one of my song inspiration playlists.

Netsky – “Thank You (feat. Jozzy)”
Netsky is one of my favourite EDM artists and his EP, Abbot Kinney, really inspired me. This song was an anthem for me and my friends in my second year at university and brings back those memories every time I listen to it.

Calvin Harris – “Giant (feat. Rag’n’Bone Man)”
Calvin Harris is such a talented producer. His mixes are incredible, and I always reference his mixes when I sit down to do mine. Funk Wav Bounce Vol. 1 could be top five albums for me, but “Giant” is definitely my favourite single of his. Regardless, every time I listen to Calvin Harris, I picture driving around in the summer time with the windows down having no worries in the world.

Louis the Child – “Free (feat. Drew Love)”
I went to see Louis the Child in 2019 and “Free” had just came out a few days before. Ever since it’s been my favorite Louis The Child track and brings me back to the pre-pandemic days of being free.

The Beatles – “Let It Be”
This song is an all-time favorite for me. I took the progression in this song which is a 1-5-6-4 in C and used that as the base for the progression in “Four Leaf Clover”. I then used passing secondary dominant chords between each of the chords to spice it up and give it that jazzy feel. The Beatles are a huge inspiration for me and I always find myself taking ideas from their music.

Mac Miller – “Blue World”
This song is by far my favourite Mac Miller songs (RIP) and it was produced by one of my favourite artists, Disclosure. The Disclosure production mixed with Mac’s vocals are such a perfect mixture and instantly gets my head bopping.


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