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Exclusive: Stream JACE Carrillo’s New Curated “Rhythm of Life” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of JACE Carrillo’s debut album,  the emerging latin R&B singer curated a brand new curated “Rhythm of Life” Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

“Spring is here!” said Carrillo. “And The Rhythm of Life is the kind of vibe you might need to renovate the spirit and lift up your mood. Are you feeling the rhythm? I got some songs for that. I WANT YOU TO GET INSPIRED. I think this playlist is really good to work out or go for a run, If you think the weather helps. A mix of English, Spanish, a bit of French, but mostly nice energy and uptempo songs. Let’s keep smiling! Hope you guys liked this playlist.”

Kygo & Zak Abel – “Freedom”
There are some people we lose in the way, but also people that from the moment we find them they make us realize how amazing life can be. “Freedom” is an excellent song to feel we can conquer anything we want when we appreciate the love who surround us, specially from that special one that makes us feel free.

Elderbrook & Rudimental – “Something about you (Chill Mix)”
What a nice vibe. I love all he songs that start with a kick to the beat and includes snaps. That’s an immediate click in my ears. I have a song called “I believe in you” that reminds me to this song (I don’t know why). Anyways, I love it.

Justin Bieber & Burna Boy – “Loved by You”
There are amazing songs that Justin’s been releasing lately. This is one I love so much because of the Afrobeat style mixed with Justin’s melodies also. Lyrics = ok. We all need to be loved by someone, but please don’t get too obsessed by only one person. Learn how to let go and how to grow the best part of you from the inside. I am sure that the one who’s made for you will get attracted by your energy, like if it was a magnet field.

Nora Van Elken & NEVRMIND – “Smile”
There is nothing more contagious than a good smile. Smiling is the healthiest thing on earth. Good lyrics, good message. I breathe only good vibes, in the end we become what we hear.

Jonas Blue & Moelongo – “We Could Go Back”
One of my references for when I wrote “The Rhythm of life”. We can’t go back baby. It’s time to move on. What if we could? Nah. Maybe? Nah.

Pharrell Williams – “Happy”
A legend, and also one of my biggest inspirations for “The Rhythm of life”, even for visuals. This song irradiates a contagious good energy, specially when you are walking on the street. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Marvin Gaye – “Sexual Healing”
Spring is here! Why not waking up that sex appeal back again before the sun and the summer arrives. Why not healing that hurtful past with new sensual experiences. Anyways, love starts by loving ourselves first.

J Balvin, Bad Bunny, & Mr Eazi – “Como un bebé”
I can’t not dance this song. It is one of the best songs I’ve heard from Bad Bunny and J Balvin ever. It produces an automatic response from my shoulders (lol).

Tayc – “N’y pense plus”
French music is always sexy. But French Afrobeat is just marvellous. This one is so cool and fun. De rien ma chérie 🙂

Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro – “Baila Conmigo”
I love this song, not because it is in Spanish and I also love Selena. Baila Conmigo (Dance with me) is special. It’s simple. When you feel anxiety, when you feel sadness, when you feel happy, when you feel powerful, just Baila!! Dancing is one of the best ways to communicate. If I’m there I’ll dance with you too.

DJ Snake & lauv – “A Different Way”
I wanted something with lauv and DJ Snake and I found this one. What a perfect combination. Inspiring rhythm, inspiring artists.

Kygo & One Republic – “Lose Somebody”
I know it’s not fun when you lose someone and then realize how important that person was. And that’s one of the most important lessons in life. It’s part of the roller coaster we live. We are sponges and we have to take the best from all the people that cross our way, we never know when that person is not going to be there for ourselves anymore. We also need to learn how to let go. We say in Spanish “Déjate Llevar”.


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