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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Moni Grace’s New Single “Marilyn Monroe”

By: Staff –

Rising pop-punk soul singer-songwriter Moni Grace is back with her new single “Marilyn Monroe”, which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The second single following her 2021 debut album, Safer Under the Covers, the track explores the heartbreak of loss, and was written by Moni in an effort to not reach out to people who have left her life. Fans of Moni will not be disappointed, as she delivers her usual poignant lyrics and emotional vocals.

“Perhaps the actual heartbreak is how we made space within our beings to find home within each other. A place neither of us can return to, any longer,” says Moni. “Writing is the basis for creation. The urge to inflict pain onto myself, in attempt to punish my body for years of not talking about my abuse, much like the urge to draft a suicide note has turned, in recent years, into the urge to write a poem. I know it’s not much however, these words are all I have to offer you right now. Words meaning I believe you. I believe in you. I believe in the fact that the person who made you feel this way, is the empty one. Not you. And I look forward to the day you decide to plant lilacs in memory of every violent memory or experience that has tried to take you away from the present tense. From right now. I look forward to the day you finally say goodbye, and stop returning to the graveyard  of the girl the demons used to occupy.  I can’t wait for the day the suicide notes you once drafted, in a result of you not being able to be present in your own skin, evaporates like every thing we wanted to sing when we were still here, but chose not to. And on those days, on those same days, I hope you forgive yourself, and your body for believing once that it was your fault. And to my body, I hope you one day can forgive me, too.”

“Marylin Monroe” is slated to be included in Grace’s upcoming 4 track EP, Something About July Part 1 – a piece about losing, finding parts of yourself in other people when you connect with them, and discovering her sexuality. 


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