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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Larissa Tandy’s New Video for “Sirens”

By: Staff –

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Larissa Tandy is back with a new video for her track “Sirens”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I wrote ‘Sirens’ while living on the Downtown Eastside during the opioid crisis with sirens constantly blaring around me,” says Tandy. “It’s in the key of E, which I found works for most sirens in Vancouver, and I started writing mostly in E during this time, because it stops the distraction of the sirens clashing with your work and makes them a kind of background harmony. I wanted to write about the sirens, and emergencies, and my experiences with them back in my hometown in rural Australia. It has a population of 600 or so, and like all rural environments, there’s a lot of what I think of as ‘natural drama’. As in, nobody dies peacefully in their sleep. It’s always some super violent accident or tragedy, or people just head out to work one day and don’t come home at night.”

“Sirens” will be available on May 21st on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services worldwide.

The intense purity of her voice and the urgent poetry of her writing, reach out like a hand from a pile of rubble. There is an untamed cool about Larissa Tandy. She is a singular artist and writer.  

From humble beginnings in rural Australia, raising herself on stolen Aretha and Patti Smith records, Tandy has mined her difficult life for potent stories and spun them into songs that made their way onto radio in America, the UK, and Canada. Within a few short years, she has doggedly beat a path for herself, by touring relentlessly across Canada, Australia, and the US, playing official showcases at Kansas City’s Folk Alliance, and Nashville’s Americanafest.

Her debut album, The Grip, spent 4 months on the US Americana charts, reached #2 on the Canadian college radio chart, and attracted praise from almost every corner of the globe. Awards followed, namely the prestigious Nashville Songwriter Residency, which Tandy used to carve out a place for herself in Nashville’s competitive writing scene. Tapped by artists for her tough affect and muscular writing, she jagged a number of cuts in her first year in the game, which went on to secure chart positions in Australia and the UK.

Larissa is currently putting the finishing touches on her next release: a suite of grand and joyous singles recorded with some of Nashville’s finest session players and Motown legend, Funk Brother Jack Ashford. Channeling her signature hardness, the new songs, due sometime this year, bring together throwback R&B and themes of celebration and resilience.


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