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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Featurette’s Powerful New Video for “The Blame”

By: Staff –

Toronto-based electropop duo Featurette are back with their powerful new video for “The Blame”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The beautiful, raw and heartbreaking music video tells lead vocalist Lexie’s powerful story of abuse. A victim of sexual abuse as a child at the hands of her music teacher, Lexie bravely tells the story of her abuser through art in the video. Taking ‘the blame’ for not speaking out sooner, the duo stripped down the original version of the song and re-imagined it into its new incarnation.

“Making this music video was both therapeutic, and unimaginably painful,” said Lexie. “It felt like opening up an old wound, and finally cleaning it out all these years later, so that I could heal properly and wholly. I hope in making this others who have experienced trauma through abuse might begin to find healing as well.”

“When I originally released The Blame on our 2020 record Dream Riot, I was only just starting to confront the idea of my abuser,” continued Lexie. “I wasn’t ready to face the issue head on, and decided to bury it in my art, although it was starting to bubble to the surface organically. The first step is coming to terms with what happened, and letting others know that what’s happened or is happening to them, isn’t their fault. Letting people, especially young people, especially woman and gender non-conforming parties, know that they can seek help, and that someone will be in their corner. That their life is worth living, and that they have so much promise and light in their future, that can’t be extinguished by their past. The first step is finding their voice – my voice.”

Directed, produced and art directed by lead singer Lexie, the video was shot in Toronto and is the beginning of her healing process and finding her voice, both through art and to speak about her past.

“We now have access to media more than ever before, and I hope that if this reaches just one person who’s been affected by abuse, sexual, emotional, physical, or any other form, past or present, that they’ll find the courage to speak up for themselves.”

Did you know?
82% of those under 18 who experience sexual assault are girls.
Women accounted for 92% of victims of police-reported sexual assaults in 2008.
5%of sexual assaults were reported to police in 2014.

Source: Canadian Women’s Foundation https://canadianwomen.org


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