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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Vela Rosa’s New Single “Gone & Rollin”

By: Staff –

Emerging rock-and-roll band Vela Rosa is back with their new single “Gone & Rollin”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Gone & Rollin’”, Vela Rosa’s first single off of their upcoming debut record, Run In Colour, perfectly captures the rock & roll attitude from days of old. The meaningful lyrics, in contrast to the up-beat, hooky riffs throughout, tackles the doubt and difficulties that go hand-in-hand with coming up as a new rock band in the musical landscape of today.

The first three minutes of “Gone & Rollin’” feature frontman Wyatt Clark delivering a solo guitar/vocal performance, reflecting on the woes and shortcomings of personal relationships and the destructive tendencies of miscommunication. Guided forward by a smooth, flourishing guitar piece, Vela Rosa brings it home with an explosive key change and double chorus paired with a hooky underlying solo and echoing back-up vocals, before fading back into a clean instrumental to bookend the experience that is “Gone & Rollin’.”

This young and vibrant quartet is made up of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Wyatt Clark, rhythm guitar and backing vocalist Josh Bragg, bassist and backing vocalist Ben Nickerson, and drummer and backing vocalist Chandler Pope. One of the first things you notice about Vela Rosa is their unique sound of vintage rock n’ roll; their debut album, Run In Colour, is an infusion of sounds with energetic riffs and contemplative lyrics. The song is a bold entry with blues notes, ripping guitar solos and light musical interludes. Think Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan’ sounds blended effortlessly. On further listening, you would imagine this group to be older than their years. But, at just 20 years old on average between them, Vela Rosa really packs a punch and their love of music shines through.

And, the challenges of entering the music industry were indeed faced by Vela Rosa in the recording of their own album with the band’s producer and recording studio. One week before they were due to go back in to record, they were told there was a “suspicious activity” alert and they would not be allowed to enter. On investigation, it was revealed that the studio was behind on rent payments and $40,000 of band equipment had been held as collateral against the late payments. With a drama to recover their equipment back, Vela Rosa were able to finish recording in a makeshift studio in the basement of Wyatt’s parents’ home. Such an experience left the group angry, frustrated and let down, but they were determined to finish and the result is that “Run in Colour’ does capture their journey and growth. Chandler says, “ It’s an amalgamation of experiences in navigating the transition from being a teen to an adult,  and not wanting to mess that up.”


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