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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Leanna Oki’s New Video for “You Won’t Change”

By: Staff –

Canadian artist Leanna Oki is back with a new video for “You Won’t Change”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

Written and recorded independently by Oki herself, “You Won’t Change” is an ethereal and passionate pop track that features bouncy synth drums, ambient bass and intricate harmonies that pull you into Leanna’s headspace. Lyrically, it conveys Oki’s emotional journey and liberation after moving on from people in her life who wouldn’t change for the better.

The music video for “You Won’t Change” was filmed by Dustin Trabello at German Mills Park in Thornhill, Ontario. “I wanted to create a really simple and elegant video that complimented the feelings of peace and liberation expressed in the song,” said Oki. “I convey a spectrum of emotions in the video, from happily dancing around to expressing sadness and disappointment. The song is about moving on from the past, but still feeling the weight of it, so I wanted the video to represent that.”

The up-and-coming artist blends R&B, soul, and pop flawlessly to create her unique and captivating sound. Finding her emotional outlet in music, Leanna uses songwriting and song creation to express feelings she otherwise has trouble communicating.



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