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Exclusive: Stream Andrea Ramolo’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Andrea Ramolo’s new single “DUST”, the acclaimed singer-songwriter curated a brand new curated Spotify playlist, which you can stream below. Watch the video for “DUST” here.

“After writing the new single “DUST”, I almost immediately envisioned it as a dance,” said Ramolo. “I often create music with dance or moving visuals in mind because my initiation into music in the first place was through dance. As a young girl, I was exposed to such an eclectic playlist and learned quickly that music was not only a vehicle to feel, heal, and purge, but to do so by connecting my body to it. That’s why I was thrilled that Nikki Ormerod’s stunning music video for “DUST” had me dancing alongside the incredible Jera Wolfe. I’ve curated a playlist of songs that at one point or another during this pandemic, I found myself dancing to alone in my living room or my kitchen or my bedroom. It made isolation that much easier. These songs speak to my dancer’s soul. I hope you enjoy them and find your body moving along.”

Julia Jacklin – “Body”

I got turned on to Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin a few years back. I heard this song at a friend’s party and was mesmerized by the hypnotic rhythm and her phrasing. I think she’s a fantastic writer and beyond that, this song really makes me want to dance. I definitely found myself choreographing dance to this track in my living room. I hope the neighbours weren’t watching.

Radiohead – “Climbing Up The Walls”

I’ve been a big fan of Radiohead since high school… especially when I’m in an angsty mood, and enduring quarantine and isolation completely alone definitely brought about some angst. This track essentially became my theme song and when I needed to emotionally purge, I did it by dancing around to this.

SATE – “The Answer”

SATE is a powerhouse and I’m lucky enough to call her a friend. I was spoiled to be able to sing alongside of her in a Fleetwood Mac Rumours production, which ran in Toronto for a couple of months at an East side theatre a few years back. I became instantly hooked to her spirit, her fire, and her music. The last show I went to of hers at the Horseshoe Tavern was mind-blowing and I think she’s one of the most underrated artists coming out of Canada. A lot of her songs make my body move but this one especially is soulful and full of that great turmoil that surfaces in tunes about unrequited love. I definitely danced to this on repeat while locked inside.

Asaf Avidan – “My Tunnels Are Long and Dark These Days”

I fell upon Asaf Avidan’s music just recently. He has such a unique voice and I remember reading an interview with him about his main influences and it pretty much echoed my list to a tee. Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, Thom Yorke, Otis Redding; Some of which are the main reasons I started wanting to either sing or write. This song is so sexy and groovy and became the backdrop for my hip-swaying routine to clear that lower chakra.

Sarah MacDougall – “Malmö i mitt hjärta”

Sarah MacDougall is the producer, sound engineer, and mixing engineer on my new record Quarantine Dream of which “DUST” is the first single. She also plays a slew of instruments on it. I love her.  I love her music. I heard her play this song live at Hugh’s Room in Toronto once years ago and became an instant fan. It’s in her mother-tongue – Swedish – and it doesn’t matter that I have no idea what she’s singing about. The musical landscape just carries me into other dimensions and really inspires me to move and relate to the song through my body.

Portishead – “Glory Box”

One of the top songs on my high school playlist and really quite influential to the work I started excavating over the past few years. I love Portishead. This song is so vibey and timeless and feels like it lives in a similar world to that of “DUST”. It’s empowering and hypnotic and always gets me moving.

Kinnie Starr – “We Are Sky”

Kinnie is so cool. We co-wrote a song on this upcoming record together and her featured part is my absolute favourite. I love what she stands for and her sense of rhythm and melody. The chorus on this song is explosively wonderful and makes me want to stretch out to the sky.

Leon Bridges – “River”

I love Leon Bridges. I love how fresh his throwback sound is and how classy and soulful everything he puts out is. I saw him live at Massey Hall and it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever witnessed. This song is beautiful and almost has that old gospel feel to it which was always my favourite genre of music for lyrical dance in my youth. I could envision the choreography to this so vividly.

Harrison Storm  – “Sense of Home”

I don’t know much about this artist but I caught this song on an episode of a show I was getting lost in during quarantine and had to look it up right away. That’s the beauty of film placements. The track is melancholy but hopeful and the acoustic guitar and his voice are just perfect. Takes me right into the song. It feels intimate and is an easy landscape for movement expression.

Ludovico Einaudi  – “Nuvole Bianche”

It’s funny… the person that I wrote the song “DUST” about actually introduced me to the music of this incredible Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. His playing is mesmerizing and I am obsessed with his melodies. Nuvole Bianche means ‘white clouds’ in my second language. This song accompanied me during long cleansing baths and lonely glasses of wine. I put myself to sleep to this track when I couldn’t quiet my head, and I definitely performed a number of dance routines for myself alone in isolation to it. I’m grateful for the recommendation.


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