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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Shaun Johnson + The Big Band Experience’s New Single “This Old Man”

By: Staff –

2019 Billboard Top 5 and Emmy Award winner Shaun Johnson and the Big Band Experience are back with their new single “This Old Man”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“I never intended to write – what I hope to be – the perfect song for a father/daughter dance,” said Johnson. “But after hearing a children’s lullaby while singing my 5 year old daughter to sleep, I couldn’t get the melody out of my head. I ended up writing a new melody and words to that original lullaby, and it became “This Old Man.” My wife can’t listen to the song without tearing up, so I’m thinking that means I’ve succeeded.”

Shaun Johnson and the Big Band Experience splits the difference between the dulcet urbanity of Michael Bublé and the campy yowl of the Stray Cats’ Brian Setzer.

He fronts a brassy octet he dubs Shaun Johnson’s Big Band Experience (he’s also the lead singer in Tonic Sol-fa). A retro nerd of Rat Pack vintage, his performances go for the gut in rousing fashion.

The Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience is a rare newcomer to traditional pop…fusing a big band spirit with an inventive edge…at once more risky than Buble, more modern than Sinatra.

Shaun, an Emmy award-winning crooner (and lead singer of the internationally known vocal group, Tonic Sol-fa) indelibly stamps vocal jazz and swing with a contemporary punch – to the delight of both traditionalists and newcomers emerging as an original voice in the continuing tradition of the American singer.


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