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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Alicia Toner’s New Video for “Joke’s On Me”

By: Staff –

Canadian musician Alicia Toner is back with a new video for her track “Joke’s On Me”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The video for “Joke’s On Me” was filmed this past May at a farmhouse in Rustico, PEI that didn’t have heat, yet gracefully follows two characters in the midst of a deeply internal struggle. Both played by Toner herself, one of the characters is clearly trapped, while the other is in denial. The former theatre performer was responsible for the concept, choreography, and chaired the one person art department for the shoot. “Our DP also did lights, our production manager also did hair.”

“I imagined what that internal struggle would look like if one side was trapped and the other in denial,” said Toner.

With beautiful visuals and a clear, understandable storyline, Toner’s “Joke’s On Me” video is a brilliantly performed piece that compliments the song perfectly.

With Toner’s just released sophomore album, Joan, she collaborated with well known Canadian producers Stuart Cameron (Crash Test Dummies, Matthew Good, Amanda Marshall) and Peter Fusco on the project. Sharing Toner’s deeply personal journey of love, loss, change, and growth, Joan is the beautiful result of an incredibly difficult period for the artist.

For more information on Alicia Toner, go here.



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