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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Paragon Cause’s New Single “Play Me”

By: Staff –

Ottawa-based electro-rock duo Paragon Cause are back with their new single “Play Me”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

It is rare that a song comes tumbling out of the hearts and minds of its creators nearly complete. For Paragon Cause, “Play Me” was a case where inspiration instantly met craft, and the result is a musical masterpiece of subtle swagger and sarcasm. Built on the bedrock of compelling and evocative soundscapes the song fits perfectly amidst the cynicism and self-absorbed nature of life in 2021. “Play Me” rises above people looking to take advantage of you, acknowledging harmful behavior and making it work for the song’s narrator.

There are few bands that can conjure up vivid images as well as emotions through the medium of their music. Paragon Cause, Ottawa’s burgeoning ethereal electro-rock sensation, is one of those rare amalgams of talent who can tug on heartstrings, make one think deeply or simply enjoy a sophisticated yet universally accessible musical experience. 

Being able to feed the head, heart, soul and spirit has been the mission of Paragon Cause’s two core members, Jay Bonaparte and Michelle Opthof since their formation in 2018. As purveyors of cultural commentary, they more often than not embrace some of the darker, grittier, more unpleasant aspects of human existence, without falling into the trap of over-dramatization. Their music is authentically edgy, but honest, with dollops of humour, pathos and angst thrown in for good measure. 

It is music perfect for the convoluted, confusing and uncertain times we are all living through. Autopilot, the band’s third release in the past four years, is set to come out in the fall of 2021. 

Working now for half a decade on their sound, it is not surprising that Paragon Cause have also become as confident in the studio as they have as writers, feeling free to explore and experiment without any self-limiting notions. 

The acclaim of Paragon Cause is quickly breaching the borders of their home province of Ontario and onto the international stage as they continue to expand their global fan base and also their renown within the music industry. In addition to Sune Rose, Autopilot features the band working with Liam Howe of 90s hit makers The Sneaker Pimps as well as Eric Avery, original bass player and songwriter for indie rock legends Jane’s Addiction. As well as working on the music for Autopilot, Bonaparte and Opthof were commissioned to remix a new track created by 1980s stalwarts Berlin (of No More Words and Take My Breath Away fame). 

A band that values growth, uncompromising honesty in both the process and the product of their creative deliberations is one destined for success. Paragon Cause is just such a band, and one whose collective voice and interpretations of the human experience will be treasured by more and more admirers with each new song they birth into the world.


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