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Exclusive: Stream Young Clancy’s New “Songs That Got Me Through This Year” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Young Clancy’s new release, SOMETHING SOMETHING TAPE, the emerging Toronto-based soul musician and beatmaker curated a brand new “Songs That Got Me Through This Year” curated Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Holy Hive – “Float Back To You”

Dave Plowman, who mixed all of Something Something Tape, played this for me. A rare and precious IRL person-showing-music-to-other-person. Loved this song immediately.

Jackson Browne – “These Days”

I heard and loved the Nico version first but I might like this better? It’s a more raw feeling… hits straight in the beer belly.

Dean Blunt – “As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolex Will Travel”

Amazing sample. Look it up on whosampled. Stretches it to a six minute meditation. Feels like filing through the pages of your brain. Perfect for highway driving.

Jazmine Sullivan – “Bodies – Intro”

This is one of the few projects I enjoyed in start-to-finish this pandemic. Made me hopeful for the album as a format. And she might be the best singer out right now.

Isao Tomita – “Claire De Lune, No.3”

One of the most timeless, beautiful pieces of music of all time butc Tomita adds even more colour to it.

Aphex Twin – “Alberto Alsalm”

I’m a loser for never hearing this until last year. Cannot really categorize it. Or rather I could but refuse to. Bangs, but ever so gently.

Okay Kaya – “Insert Generic Name”

She is so talented. I love this project. It feels so effortless / has an almost improvisational tone. I mean… certainly at some point it was tediously laboured over but you don’t feel it.

Future – “Hallucinating”

This was a rediscovery. … Beat is so heavenly… appropriately it feels like a percocet. I know from when I broke my ankle 10 years ago and that’s it!

Yves Jarvis – “Semula”

So soothing. Like a chiller, more wavy CSN.

Justin Nozuka – “Summer Night 08”

Incredible, sweet vocals and perfectly mixed – like really tickles the ear-holes… I love that false start too.

Lana Del Rey – “White Dress”

She is so incredible and weird here. I love ‘listening to ro-ock’ etc… they could have gone overboard on the production but kept it way subdued.

Skepta, Chip, Young Adz – “Mains”

Listened to this song a million times. Skepta made the beat too.. It has this quality of determination tinged with melancholy that felt appropriate in the day-to-day this year.



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