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Exclusive: Stream BROS’ New “Around the World with BROS” Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of BROS’ sophomore album, Vol. 2, the brothers Ewan and Shamus Currie of the platinum-selling Canadian band The Sheepdogs curated a brand new “Around the World with BROS” Spotify playlist featuring songs from around the world that inspired their new album.

Shamus’ picks:

Jorge Ben (BRAZIL)- “Mas Que Nada”

Folks may know this song from the Black Eyed Peas cover or even the very tasteful Sergio Mendes version, but it was Jorge Ben who wrote this amazing melody. His rendition encompassess all the best musical traits of Brazil; the driving samba beat, the intricate and beautiful chord progressions, the evocative Portuguese lyrics.

Chakachas (BELGIUM) – “Un Rayo Del Sol”

Chakachas were an awesome latin soul outfit that just happened to be based in Belgium. You know, waffles, chocolate, unbelievably funky latin-soul music, all the things you think of when you think of Belgium. Anyway, this track is a real blast of sunshine that’ll make you get down like Tintin.

Mulatu Astatke (ETHIOPIA) – “Munaye”

Mulatu Astatke was a pioneer of Ethiopian Jazz and a musician very adept at blending musical genres. This track has a wonderful optimistic feel to it, as well as some ripping solos and funky rhythms that sound like they’d be at home in a James Brown song.

Dungen (SWEDEN) – “C Visar Vagen”

These Swedish psych-rockers excel at making crazy, mystical, musical landscapes. While many of their tracks are big, hard rocking psychedelic freakouts, this tune is an almost meditative, calming mantra. I used to listen to it walking around in wintertime in Saskatchewan and imagine I was in a magical forest.

The Kinks (UNITED KINGDOM) – “Victoria” 

In a golden era of great British bands, The Kinks emerged as the most “British” of them all. While bands like the Rolling Stones and Cream were aping American blues, the Kinks wrote awesome satirical songs about village greens, afternoon tea and Winston Churchill. Also, Ray and Dave Davies were bros. God save the Queen!

Ewan’s picks:

Lord Kitchener (TRINIDAD & TOBAGO) – “Wife & Mother”

Kitch was the king of calypso. The master of the talk-sing style and a cunning lyricist. I listen to him whenever I’m on vacation, or at home wishing I was on vacation.

The Funkees (NIGERIA) – “Akula Owu Onyeara”

A groovy ensemble of funky Nigerians, complete with call & response vocals and hypnotic poly-rhytmic percussion loops. Fela Kuti didn’t have a monopoly on Western African funkiness in ’70s.

The Latinaires (Puerto Rico) – “Creation”

This song details the creation of one of the greatest forms of music: boogaloo. The melding of Puerto Rican music and 1960s US R&B. The result is probably the greatest party music of all time.

Los Orientales de Paramonga (Peru) – “Lobos al Escape”

Who knew psychedelic wah wah guitar sounded so good with traditional Peruvian percussive rhythms? Los Orientales de Paramonga, that’s who!

Rafika Duri (INDONESIA) – “Pemuda Indonesia” 

Funky good time song from Indonesia that kind of sounds like Karen Carpenter on the mic? Yes please.


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