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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Brittaney Delsarté’s New Single “Southern Life”

By: Staff –

Emerging Pop/R&B singer-songwriter Brittaney Delsarté is back with her new single “Southern Life”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“It was my Southern roots that sustained me during my low valleys when I was on the precipice of obscurity,” said Delsarté. “The roots that ground me were instilled by the community that raised me. The love of my family, teachers and mentors. The unwavering strength and beauty of my ancestors. The Southern charm & hospitality; Of course my faith in Jesus Christ. I am from Columbia, South Carolina, specifically from the city where the confederate flag flew over the State House for years, and so I was forced to have a strong sense of self and heritage. Writing “Southern Life” is my love letter to South Carolina and I hope you will join me in celebrating my community in an Awesome Blossom Fabulous and Fantastic Way!”

Delsarté is a performing artist through and through. She comes from a musical and artistic family with world-renowned artist, Larry Lebby, being her grandfather and Grammy-award winning artist, Toni Braxton, as her cousin. Starting at age four, she has trained as a classical, gospel, and jazz vocalist. She danced ballet, and jazz with the Columbia Conservatory of Dance, professional ballroom with Capital Ballroom and West African dance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. She got her MFA from the Actor’s Studio Drama School where she received training in Method Acting, the Stanislavski system, the Alexander technique, the Shakespeare Scansion, and the Linklater Method. Needless to say, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating art.

“Southern Life” which is a joyful and passionate reminiscing of her childhood in the South. It’s an R&B song with just a hint of pop, similar to TLC and Boyz II Men. The music has a warm feeling to it, the upbeat rhythm and catchy melody give it a playful affect. Her lyrics match the music, in that their meaning matches that of the rhythm. She sings of southern hospitality and being welcome at home anytime, reminiscing on the stories that lay there. She sings of the woman she’s become because of her childhood in the south, about how grateful she is for the values it gave her. 

Delsarté doesn’t disappoint. Her resume of artistry speaks for itself. She will give you something to listen to and make it worth your time. “Southern Life” is all about being grateful for what she had and what the southern life gave her. It’s a pure song that spews happiness and joy. It’s a simple, yet catchy song that makes you move your body with the beat and think about what you are grateful for. This is definitely a song to listen to on repeat.


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