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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Darro’s New Zombie-Inspired Video for “Runs On Guilt”

By: Staff –

Emerging emo/pop-punk artist Darro is back with his new zombie-inspired video for “Runs On Guilt”.

“This video is a satire on toxic and manipulative relationships, where both partners are essentially dead locked in this relationship together,” said Darro. “This is actually why I chose to use “undead” zombies as the main characters. In the end, they both tragically accept their fate that they are destined to be together for all eternity.”

The video is a tongue-in-cheek look at a toxic relationship. In it, Darro’s in a relationship with a zombie-like person who slowly drains the life from him, until he too is a brain-eating, blood-drinking zombie. Fun fact: the brains in the video are made from Agar Agar Gelatin, Guava Juice, Oat Milk and a red-corn syrup glaze.

“Runs On Guilt” was produced by Kris Crummett (Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Tilian, Hail The Sun), and follows-up the recent single “Singing Out”.

In all of his songs, Darro incorporates anthemic, pop-punk dynamics and passion-fueled lyrical thematics to create a distinctive style that’s grounded in the human experience—and a unique one at that. In 2017, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that necessitated surgery and extensive rehabilitation. After relearning how to both speak and sing, Darro released his debut full-length album, Songs of Recovery, in November 2020.


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