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Exclusive: Stream Amanda Frances & A-SHO’s New Curated “Summer Romance” Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Amanda Francis’ new single “say that”, the Toronto-based synthpop artist curated a brand new curated “summer romance” Spotify playlist with fellow singer-songwriter A-SHO, who also features on the track.

Blending dreamy vocals and signature almost-a-little-too-honest lyrics, Amanda Frances’ distinct storytelling that features personal, highly detailed lyrics is a clear product of her experience as a Nashville songwriter.

“say that” is the second single off of her debut EP, which will be released early fall 2021, features 80’s inspired synths, dreamy guitars, and astrologically infused lyrics and create a soundtrack for summer romance that could inspire anyone to stand outside with a boombox over their head.

Fiji Blue – “Butterflies”

All of the vibes. This song makes every cell in my body happy.

ROLE MODEL – “forever&more”

A love song for the converse wearing, iced coffee drinking, tote bag wearing indie kid.

LANY – “dancing in the kitchen”

need I say more?

ELIO – “Jackie Onassis”

Pack a suitcase. Get some road trip snacks. Windows down. Run away together for the weekend.

ELLIANA – “Nirvana”

This is some serious main character falling in love type of shit.

Ryan Leahan – “Hibiscus”

For when you’re really really giddy in love.

sadboy hour – “malibu”

For watching the sunset with your crush. 

yaeow & Roiael – “One More Time”

Headphones in. Walking around the city. Thinking about them non-stop. 

Hauskey – “Somewhere”

For dancing around your kitchen and not caring if you look stupid because you’re so happy in love.

Amanda Frances x A-SHO – “say that”

Shameless self promotion what upppp. For those of us who are falling in love but also still kind of emotionally messed up. Hey, we’re working on it.

LANY – “cowboy in LA”

It wouldn’t be an Amanda Frances playlist without at least 2 songs by LANY. All the best California vibes mixed with that epic dose of southern romance from the movies that you’ve always dreamed of.

Edwin Raphael, Kashmir Winter, & wordsbyjuni – “Perfect Place 2 Be”

“Let’s spend summer in the back of my hummer cause you know these seats go down. And your horoscope reads it’ll be a good week with a dude who will turn that frown upside down.” We dig this.


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