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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Lisa Nicole’s Powerful New Single “Dear Mama”

By: Staff –

Emerging BC-based country artist Lisa Nicole is back with her powerful new single “Dear Mama”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

“Dear Mama” – written by Lisa Nicole and Beth Marie Anderson – is one of seven songs on her first full-length album, “Where Wild Hearts Beat” – produced by CCMA award-winning producer Jeff Johnson (Chris Buck, Meghan Patrick), which drops on August 13th.

In speaking about the single, Nicole says, “This song is a heartbreaker because of its reality and the way it hits close to home. It’s a song about growing up with a mom who struggles with addiction, abuse, and depression. When I wrote this song, we were in the thick of it, but God bless, she is now a year and a half sober.”

An inspired and serendipitous adventure led Nicole to record “Where Wild Hearts Beat”. A 2017 songwriting trip in Nashville put her on stage with Keith Urban at a pop-up concert for a spontaneous duet, which inspired the artist to move to Music City for most of 2018. During that time, she connected with noted artists and songwriters like Anderson, Tenille Arts, Mallory Johnson, Phil Barton, Brian White, and one of Urban’s own trusted writers, Dave Pahanish to write a treasure trove of new material. The resulting album captures the country heart and soul of Lisa’s time in Nashville blended with a carefree West Coast vibe and with touches of modern pop.

“This album represents my legacy project with all of my heart and soul put into it. Even so – more than anything else, I hope it inspires everyone to follow their own hearts and creative souls. If I’ve learned anything over the past 18 months, it’s that the very unpredictable journey of life is more important than any destination. Life changes in an instant and it’s impossible to predict the future. Make the most of every moment – musically and otherwise.” 


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