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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Princess Century’s New Video for “Stupid Things”

By: Staff –

Emerging Berlin-Toronto-based producer Princess Century, aka Maya Postepski, is back with her new video for “Stupid Things”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

The disco-ball swirling, glitter-infused dance party of a track features an end of summer fizzling romance, and the strength and support found in friends. 

Directed by award-winning Finnish director, Laura Hypponen, who says, “There is something very bitter-sweet about the track, the lost innocence of late Summer, so I wanted to create an uncynical narrative that celebrates queer friendship, community and nature as medicine for broken hearts. Something that’s genuinely joyful and full of love – a feel-good video for feel-bad times.”

Postepski, who is a globally revered DJ and producer, is also well known for her feature-length film scores and her celebrated playing and production work within the worlds of Austra, Peaches and alongside producer Robert Alfons in TR/ST.  



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