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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Clarissa Diokno’s Dark New Single “Bad”

By: Staff –

Emerging Canadian artist Clarissa Diokno is back with her dark new single “Bad”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below. 

A slow tempo, dark-pop song with an edge, “Bad” is reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”. Described by the artist as a “sad song with attitude”, “Bad” was born out of the artists’ deeply personal internal struggle in her relationship with her partner. Though everything was going well, Diokno convinced herself that she wasn’t right for her partner and that being apart would be better for him. “Bad” chronicles Diokno’s feelings of sadness, guilt, and regret. (Spoiler Alert: Diokno and her partner got back together)!

Feeling that she was not the right person for her partner for over a year, “Bad” became one of the easiest, quickest songs Clarissa ever wrote. Recorded during the pandemic, Diokno challenged herself to record her vocals at home as she was unable to in the studio. The edgy melody of “Bad” is filled with tension and release and highlights Diokno’s incredible vocal range and ability to express emotion through her voice. The captivating, constantly changing melody is incredibly catchy and has a hint of old-school jazz. With the goal of having listeners know that they are not alone – we all get in our own heads sometimes, Diokno aims to remind listeners that no matter what, they will get through whatever situation they’re in, no matter how “Bad” it is.

“BAD embodies the aftermath of the end of a relationship in the eyes of the storyteller,” said Diokno. “It describes all the feelings you feel after leaving someone who loves you because you believed that you were “bad” for them, even if it might not be true. It was your own struggles and internal conflict that led you to sabotage the relationship.”

Diokno is a Kitchener, Ontario-based singer-songwriter who blends her smooth, yet raw and soulful vocal style with modern pop production. Diokno uses her music as therapy and connects with the listener through relatable lyrics of events in her life. She is no stranger to the performance world having performed over 100 live shows with multiple bands and over 300 solo virtual shows broadcasted on multiple video streaming platforms.

Diokno was crowned Campus Idol at the University of Waterloo and won Waterloo’s first-ever national anthem singing competition where she sang O Canada to an audience of 40,000 people. She also won a singing competition hosted by 105.3 Virgin Radio KW where she won a spot to perform at Summer Lights Festival.


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