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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Ajay Friese’s Candid New Video for “Your Eyes”

By: Staff –

Victoria, BC based actor and singer-songwriter Ajay Friese is back with his candid new video for “Your Eyes”.

Filmed at Catalogue Studios in Victoria, BC, and directed by Nikolas Facey and Zayden Phan, the “Your Eyes” music video is a candid behind the scenes look into the recording process of the song including producer-artist discussions and a multi-screen climax. The track features Ajays unfailingly honest vocal delivery and hooks aplenty in a song about self-empowerment and loving yourself even during your hardest times.

“Growing up aspiring to record and release music, I was always intrigued when artists included in-studio footage in their music videos. Seeing artists on the mic made the music feel so much more real and honest, and fuelled my dream of doing that myself one day. I hope that I can create that same inspiration for others with the “Your Eyes” video. And whether you’re a musician or not, I am hoping this video will allow you to experience the song in a way you might not otherwise,” said Friese.

Seattle-born, Friese is no stranger to being in the spotlight, as he is best known for his acting career, holding recurring roles in five Netflix Original Series, and making his debut in film as a lead in the critically acclaimed Riot Girls (2019) from the executive producer of Insidious. Some of Friese’s Netflix roles include playing “Vijay Dhar” as a series regular in all 3 seasons of Lost in Space, playing “Eddie” in five episodes in season 4 of Riverdale, and playing the prince of Wendimoor, Farson Dengdamor in 5 episodes in Season 2 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.


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