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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Sean Bertram’s New Single “Angeline”

By: Staff –

Emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Sean Bertram is back with his new single “Angeline”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Angeline” is a slow-tempo, stripped-down love song about long distance relationships and the longing and sometimes insecurity felt by the people in it,” said Bertram. “One of the shortest songs Sean has ever written, “Angeline” showcases his incredible talent of song composition, harmonies, and features an entire string section by the legendary Drew Dureka. With its melancholy and nostalgic melody, “Angeline” deals with love, doubt, and longing, and offers listeners a fresh, yet familiar sounding sad love song. Written in just one week and completed in just one month, Sean Bertram‘s “Angeline” captures the very real emotions of longing for someone perfectly, and aims to bring comfort to all of those feeling the same way, especially during the pandemic.”

In the past four years, Bertram has released his debut album (The Right Place, 2018), graduated at the top of his class from Humber College’s prestigious Bachelor of Music program, released his first EP (Echo, 2021), and won “Best Pop Song in North America” in the Intercontinental Music Awards for his song “Against My Will”, all while performing countless shows across Toronto, both as a solo acoustic artist and a high-energy five-piece band. A virtuosic guitarist and stunning lyricist well beyond his years, Bertram’s musical potential is only exceeded by his passion for the craft.

Bertram has also performed at some of Toronto’s most well-known venues, from The Horseshoe Tavern to The Rex, to Supermarket and Rivoli. His collaborations include Drew Jurecka (Dua Lipa) and Peter Letros (Beyonce, Jacksoul, Duran Duran), all before graduating from university. 

Bertram started learning piano at 7-years-old, picked up guitar at 10, and got started as a songwriter at just 13, writing songs that would make it to his debut album just years later. At Humber College, he honed his craft as a jazz guitar player while developing his unique musical style and delved into the world of audio engineering, proving to be adept as both a producer and mix engineer. Since then, he’s been honing his craft in a 15 x 15 bedroom, finishing a new full-length album alongside a brand-new EP, both to be released before the year is out.


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