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Gift Guide: 20+ Best Fall 2021 Gift Ideas

Chotto Matte

Toronto’s Chotto Matte once again shines with their new TIFF-inspired menu offerings as the Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing. Words can’t describe how delectable these new menu options are.

We all know that Wagyu is god-tier sirloin, and Chotto Matte takes it a step further with its melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu Aburi featuring a delicate foie gras, and Chotto soy that is flamed at the table, and their equally tantalizing Wagyu Beef Gyoza with Teriyaki veal jus with wasabi stem making both absolute must-try meals this fall. The best part? They bring a grill to your table and you become the chef as you grill your meat to perfection. It’s a such a cool touch that only heightens the experience.

If you’re in Toronto this fall, don’t sleep on Chotto Matte. Featuring a charming atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and world-class food, Chotto Matte is one of Toronto’s shining culinary stars.

Available at Chotto Matte $ various prices

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