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Exclusive Premiere: Stream The Kick and the Hug’s New Single “Born Too Late”

By: Staff –

Colorado-based indie band The Kick and the Hug are back with their new single “Born Too Late”, which can be streamed exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The four piece band from Colorado have come with a new single from their upcoming debut album Ladies and Gentlemen, Kick and the Hug. The title suggests an introduction, not just to the band and the music, but to what they hope becomes the LIVE experience. They know how to take a song from the rehearsal room to the stage and are itching to do so. They are ready to have that direct relationship with the audience and we are ready to see them. Kick and the Hug are unapologetically passionate about music and live performance that it translates into their sound. You can hear their excitement for creation in every note. Their new single, “Born Too Late” is no exception. With a sound very much like Green Day, this alternative pop-rock song is about the new age of young people, how things are different for them then Kickand the Hug.

“We didn’t notice this when we recorded the album, but it seems a lot of our songs are about playing or listening to live music. “Born Too Late” is me talking to younger (than me) audiences and trying to tell them that remembering the song via a phone clip that they shoot at a show is one thing, but remembering the song via a feeling is a whole different thing. It’s like an old drug they should try. “Born Too Late” is about the phenomena of connecting a song to a moment in your life, and how you might break that magic circuit if you are letting your phone do all of the remembering. “Born Too Late” is about my own personal memories of experiencing live music and how some of those moments are chiseled into my psyche…and my fear that the next generation won’t connect music with a moment if they are too busy playing cameraman. I sound like an old fuck saying shit like that…I’m sure there is a bit of old person ignorance in there because every generation has managed to find their own magic. It’s ironic that the chorus of “Born Too Late” pleads to the listener to “put the phone down and memorize all that you’re seeing and feeling tonight,” because recording a video clip very well may be the way future generations store their memories,” said the band.

They continue, “I personally like to “feel” my memories. I’m old school I guess. I find it a pretty intense phenomena that I can hear a song decades later and it can bring me right back to the moment…I can smell the room, feel the temperature, feel the same heart rate I was feeling when I first heard the song…I can feel the people that were surrounding me. That’s probably why so many people get stuck only listening to the music that they connected with when they were the most active, in their teens or twenties. I’m moving on down my timeline, but I still let it happen. I dig new music. Its not like I haven’t been busted recording a bit of a song at a show before. I’m just as guilty as the next 18 year old, but afterwards, when I watch it, I get an icky feeling, like…”dumb ass, you should have just been in the moment instead of trying to steel the moment and bring it home with you.” It’s not often someone posts or shares a video clip from a show that moves me. Wait, I stand corrected…someone just posted a clip of Dave Grohl introducing Nandi Bushell, and that definitely moved me. So maybe I’m full of shit, maybe keep the phones up.”

KICK AND THE HUG · Born Too Late


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