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Exclusive: Stream farideh’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of farideh’s new single “Oracles”, the Saskatoon-based singer-songwriter curated a brand new curated Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the new track that you can stream below.

David Gray – “Please Forgive Me”

This whole record from David Gray was very pivotal to my sound. The blend of intimate lyrical style and pop beats was very inspiring. As a folk musician, I desperately wanted to pursue this kind of genre-bending sound and it hasn’t been until now I have been able to do that with “Oracles”.

Oh Land – “Son of a Gun”

Talk about vocal layering! “Oracles” has about 18 layers of vocals and this whole album of Oh Land inspired me to do new things vocally. The voice on this sound is the melody, the rhythm, the harmonies. So much is going on and it sounds effortless. 

Billie Eilish – “Bury a Friend”

Billie doesn’t shy away from the dark and it’s not a place I’ve always hesitated to write from. When I was writing “Oracles” I was on an ominous dark vibe kick and all the songs were kinda creepy. Billie’s work must have gotten in there somehow. 

Branko & Pierre Kwenders – “Amours d’Éte”

I heard this song on the radio driving home one night after a gig. It is such a catchy take on a Bossanova rhythm. 

Christine and the Queens – “Tilted”

I listened to this obsessively during the production phase of “Oracles”. This song is so light, fun and indie. The level of cool Christine exudes is life goals. 

Phil Collins – “In the Air Tonight”

ACK! Listen to those 808’s! How cheap and wonderful a sound. This was one of those tapes I played on repeat as a kid, so when I got an Ableton Push a few years ago I finally got to play around with these sounds. 

Couteaux Twins – “Cherry-Coloured Funk”

The Couteaux Twins were a huge inspiration on the production for “Oracles”. We needed an ethereal, effects-laden sound to get the aesthetic. 

Caroline Polacheck – “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”

This song is so quirky for such a clean and airy sound song. There’s a strong throwback to those 80’s sounds while sounding absolutely current.

LÉON – “You And I”

LÉON has these vocal lines that just hit the heart. It’s so melodic and so emotional. She has the voice I wish I had and delivers it so impeccably.

Shura – “Touch”

If you haven’t heard this song yet, please enjoy. The laid-back groove, the melodies, and the honest songwriting is a true treat.


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