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Premiere: Watch Isaac Symonds + Loryn Taggart’s Cinematic New Video for “Carved Into Stone”

By: Staff –

Isaac Symonds + Loryn Taggart are back with their beautifully cinematic new video for “Carved Into Stone”, which you can watch below.

“Carved Into Stone” is a masterful, slow burn with layers of intentional instrumentation and Loryn’s warm and comforting vocal reminiscent of Feist, or say, Billie Holliday – but a distinctly modern feel.

The video outlines the meticulous instrumentation involved and layered on the track all directed and arranged by Symonds.

“Carved into stone is a story about catching eyes with a stranger, falling in love with the idea of what could have been, and the longing felt upon that fleeting moment,” said the duo. “With a dark and magical arrangement, this song takes you through all the feelings; from a stark loneliness to a glowing warmth; beauty with a dramatic sting. Inspired by the 50’s, but with a modern twist; immerse yourself in this rich orchestration where every note, every voice, and every word has its place.”

Symonds is a former member of JUNO Award winning, internationally acclaimed, indie rock band, Half Moon Run. Taggart is an award winning vocalist and songwriter who has lived all and worked in music all across Canada.


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