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Exclusive: Stream Ryan Connolly’s New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Jason Aldean Songs That Inspired His Debut Single “Riding This Town”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Ryan Connolly’s debut single “Riding This Town”, the emerging Ontario-based country music singer-songwriter curated a brand new curated Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the new track that you can stream below.

Note: All songs written by Jason Aldean 

Night Train 

This song inspired the whole concept of the chorus and the references of trains throughout the song. 

Tattoos on this town 

I think that this song title just paints such a small town feel. We all have the places and the faces that paint our childhood. I just used it in the literal sense of burning the place up with tire marks.

Amarillo Sky

Such a visual that connects with anyone listening. Whether you have seen it with your own eyes or have only seen pictures, there is a nostalgia to it. 

Asphalt Cowboy 

This is one of my favourite early Jason Aldean tracks. Such a great tune and I felt like it lended a great deal of significance to the storyline of the song.

Driving Around

One of Jason’s biggest hits…how could I not reference it especially talking about cars and freedom. 

Burning it Down

This one was a perfect rhyme after “Driving Around”! Haha

We Back 

The conclusion to the song…”We Back” means I’m back and I ain’t going anywhere! 


This is the first song I ever heard from Jason. Great riff, great energy, and a perfect hook to grab the small town-ers!

This Nothin Town 

We all say we want to scram at some point in our lives. Whether we are running away from lovers, haters, or repetition … We have all been there.

Johnny Cash 

The most iconic name in the country genre … The Man in Black deserved a spot in this track!

Wheels Rollin’

“Wheels Rollin'” is “the dream” for me in this business. The ambience of live music is why I am chasing it. I want to smell it, breathe it, and live it every day of my life. The connection between the audience and the artist is not Replicable. A guitar circus on wheels in cowboy boots is the way I wanna roll. “Kick it” he just always says … Like “ya Mamma” he does it all the time and it makes me laugh every-time! Haha


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