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Preview: 3 Must-Attend 2021 Day of the Dead Events in Toronto

By: Curtis Sindrey –

Every October 31st to November 1st, people gather to celebrate both life and death to mourn and celebrate dead loved ones. Originating in Mexico, attendees often eat traditional food, give food and drinks to dead love ones as “offerings”, and build alters or shines in their homes.

This year, there are three must-attend events that celebrate Day of the Dead in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for delicious tequila-based cocktails, a spiritual healing circle seminar, or a soul-shaking seance experience, check out our recommendations below to make the most out of your 2021 Day of the Dead.

Chotto Matte Day of the Dead Celebration

Toronto staple Chotto Matte is celebrating Day of the Dead with style with a celebration that runs from October 26 until November 2, 2021, with limited-edition cocktails, and out-of-this-world installations adorning the restaurant.

Last night (Oct 30th), the restaurant was filled with dancing-based performances that was at times haunting, and mesmerizing and that only elevated the already unique atmosphere.

The cocktail offering was solid as well. Featuring a four cocktail menu, crafted in collaboration with Código 1530, has varied flavours ranging from sweet to a bit more savoury with the one of the highlights being the “Daisy In Black”, which deliciously mixes Código 1530, velvet falernum, yellow chartreuse Grand Marnier, kumquat, and lime, followed by the “Dulce Muerte”, which has a pleasantly sweet flavour with its mix of Código 1530, mezcal, creme de peche, pineapple shrub, lime, and coriander.

Details here.

Transforming Death. Day of The Death Healing Circle

During this liminal time of the year, the veil is thin between worlds and offers us space to honor our ancestors and deceased loved ones.

Attend this event for a transformative journey through the challenges of death, loss and grief. During this workshop, you will be guided through the history of cathartic grieving processes.

You will learn a variety of deeply healing self-care practices and techniques that help to navigate the many layers of grief and to help bring personal closure over death or loss.

Tree Carr, a Death Doula will provide a safe space and guide the group focusing on transpersonal and compassionate approaches to bereavement.

Cultures all around the world find their own way to respect the dead: from Halloween to the Celtic Samhain to the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

During this time of the pandemic, many of us have collectively traversed through the territories of death, loss and grief in a way many of us never have done before.

Many of us are experiencing loss first hand and all of us are feeling the collective grief and loss on a societal level. On top of it all, many of us are feeling isolated at home during our bereavement without a sense of closure, community, or spiritual support.

In this workshop, you will :

  • Learn a historical process of cathartic grief
  • Honor our Ancestors through sacred ritual
  • Learn healing meditations for closure and healing


The Eatonville Farmhouse Seance


After five years of completely sold-out Séances, Jaymes invites you to The Eatonville Farmhouse Seance. Experience undeniable fear in an authentic Victorian Séance at one of Toronto’s last remaining Victorian era farmhouses. This soul-shaking psychological experience is not intended for the weak or faint of heart. Restricted to ages 18+.

This is the smallest Séance group size they have ever offered, making it their most interactive and exclusive experience to date. Don’t miss out on this spine-chilling and engaging psychological experience. Tickets sell fast!

Check out unexplained footage from a past Séance here.

Dates: October 1 – November 27, 2021
Tickets: $66.66 – Buy here
Times: 7:30pm, 9:30pm, 11:59pm


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