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Exclusive: Stream Emma Cook’s New Curated Spotify Playlist

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Emma Cook‘s new album Fight Left In Me (out now), the acclaimed folk-pop artist curated a brand new Spotify playlist featuring songs that inspired the album.

Cook had this to share about the new album, “I’ve always used music as a kind of gateway to processing the difficult times in my life, and Fight Left In Me started in a similar way. However, as I began writing, I ended up turning outwards, and drew inspiration from the experiences of people close to me, with a little sprinkling of my imagination. Many of the stories that circulate on the album draw from the nooks and crannies, from the unsung and under the radar experiences of (mostly) women who are in the time of their life when their own personal identity is often tangled up with those close to them, be it partners, children, parents etc.”

Phoebe Bridgers – “Smoke Signals”

This song is just so achingly beautiful, it gets me every time. It’s like taking a trip down someone else’s memory lane.

Snowblink – “How Now”

The first time I heard this song was live and it immediately stuck in my head. It’s been a staple on my playlists ever since.  

Ani DiFranco – “Grey”

The melancholy in this song is so palpable and it has always really resonated with me. It encapsulates that feeling so many of us have of wanting more, or being frustrated that we can’t find happiness with what we have.

Feist – “The Bad in Each Other”

The guitar part in this song is insane – and anyone who can sing along to it is a genius (aka Feist.)  Also the transition into the chorus makes my stomach drop Every. Single. Time. 

Haim – “Right Now”

I find the production on this song really interesting and the little 90’s sync licks send shivers down my spine. I love the slow build and the final payoff when the drums finally come at the end of the song – its very satisfying.

Gracie and Rachel – “Sidelines”

I love everything about this track – the melody is killer, the words are on point and the chorus is catchy as hell. This is one I love to have playing loud in the car when I want a chill ride.

Joy Oladokun – “Sunday”

After the first few bars of hearing this song for the first time I knew I was hooked. Its understated but the hooks are undeniable, and I just love how this song makes me feel.

Taylor Swift – “Mad Woman”

I wasn’t really an active Tylor Swift fan until Folklore, and this song is one of my favourites. I love where she goes with the lyrics and the powerful voice of the protagonist.

Sarah Klang – “Fever Dream”

Sarah’s voice is so incredible and I just love the driving nature of this track. 

La Force – “Lucky One”

You know those songs that make you just close your eyes and you can’t help but move your body – this song is like that for me. There is something so out of this world about Ariel Engle’s voice. This song hits the trifecta of amazing groove, lyrics and voice.


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