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Why Canada’s the Perfect Place for Remote Music Festivals and Online Casinos

By: Staff –

Anyone thinking about putting on a music festival would presumably have a few things to consider. The most important of these are the bands and other performers who can be persuaded to play and how easy it will be for music fans to get there. For famous festivals like Glastonbury in the UK and Benicassim in Spain, these aren’t issues at all. That’s why every year top names agree to appear and hundreds of thousands of tickets can sell out within hours of being released.

But put on a festival deep in the West Kootenay mountains in British Columbia and it’s a very different proposition. It’s also what makes the huge popularity of the legendary Shambhala Music Festival such an incredible story.

Like Glastonbury, it’s held on a working farm called the Salmo River Ranch where it was first held back over 20 years ago. The first-ever festival on Labor Day 1998 attracted a crowd of just 500 people to a celebration of arts and music. Started by the Bundschuhs, owners of the ranch, it’s still very much a family affair, something else that it has in common with Glastonbury.

But where it differs is in its approach to commercialization. While anyone who goes to the UK festival will be inundated with the logos of corporate sponsors from all kinds of sectors, Shambhala defiantly maintains its independence – with many people asserting that it’s all the better for it.

This sits perfectly with the whole ethos of the event, not to mention the sort of physical remoteness that’s only really possible in a country like Canada – it has a population density of just four people per km2 compared with the UK that comes in at 277 people per km2.

This sparseness has led to the popularity of online entertainment, whether that’s streaming movies or playing at this year’s pick of Canada’s online casinos. Many Canadian’s looking for a little gambling action may have to travel many hours and hundreds of miles to visit a bricks and mortar casino in a major city. But, luckily, there are so many good online casinos these days that there’s no need. There are so many, in fact, that it’s also led to a number of review sites springing up. These are where the best casinos with the most generous bonuses are highlighted and which make choosing the best ones easy. In fact, online gaming as a whole has been wholeheartedly embraced by the country, with eSports tournaments also taking place here.

However, the vastness and popularity of these options haven’t replaced the fun of live entertainment, rather, they coexist peacefully. So, for those looking to visit BC, here’s what to expect; there are six separate stages, each one created to have its very own vibe. There’s a great mix of new performers alongside big names and superstar DJs from around the world with the emphasis very much on electronica and dance music.

Plus, there’s art, yoga, and spirituality workshops, an awesome range of food stalls and so much more besides.

It really does have to be experienced first hand – and you’ll also be able to party on late into the night with no danger of disturbing the neighbors!


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