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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Leanna Oki’s Edgy New Video for “Warning Signs”

By: Staff –

Canadian artist Leanna Oki is back with an edgy new video for “Warning Signs”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

The edgy and moody “Warning Signs” reflects Oki’s feelings of regret and disdain after an ex left without any warning. This powerful up-tempo disco-pop track is one that will give you the urge to dance and let out your inner rage all at the same time. Written and recorded by Oki herself, the song features haunting vocals, heavy synths, and rich harmonies.

The music video for “Warning Signs” was filmed and edited by Dustin Trabello in Toronto, Ontario. “Out of all my music videos, this one is definitely my personal favourite and the one I had the most fun creating,” said Oki. “It conveys the edginess, rage, and intense energy that “Warning Signs” is all about. We shot the video in four different eerie scenes; by the railroad tracks, in a dark alleyway, in an empty parking lot, and in a dark garage. All of these settings represent the sense of danger and caution that inspired me to write this song.”

The up-and-coming artist blends R&B, soul, and pop flawlessly to create her unique and captivating sound. Finding her emotional outlet in music, Oki uses songwriting and song creation to express feelings she otherwise has trouble communicating.



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