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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Christian Parker’s New Single “Every Passing Mile”

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Christian Parker is back with his new single, “Every Passing Mile”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Every Passing Mile,” serves as the latest cut from Parker’s forthcoming album, Every Passing Mile, to be released early next year. Parker writes about themes of the everyday in his music. He sings about the events and stories of others, while also honing in his wordplay around the human condition.

This acoustic folk style song is a beautifully written fantastical song about addiction and the realities that surround it. With a Dave Matthews meets John Mayer sound, it centers around the narrative of a man who sees a woman in white with every passing mile of his journey. He uses the finger picking method on the guitar, which acts as a guide to the story.

“It started out as an American road song, but ‘Every Passing Mile’ ended up telling a very different story,” shares Parker. “As it weaves through a haunting soundscape of minor chords and swirling harmonies, and images of man ‘counting wires and poles along the pine,’ the tale begins to come into focus: a man forced onto the road, driven by a sense of desire he can’t escape. As he brings us into the chorus by stating ‘I see her with every passing mile,’ the title’s music video introduces an evocative ‘woman in white,’ a figure which follows him throughout his journey.”

He continues, “In the second verse, he reveals that he carries an image of this woman with him, depicted in the video as white lace with her lips marked in red. This symbol serves as a reminder of the power she holds over him, and his willingness to carry her with him as if he might use the thought of her as a drug at any moment. ‘Like a train along the tracks,’ the woman in white seems to be destined to collide with him, bringing him relief and pulling him back into an addictive relationship all at once. As he attempts to escape this, we see him move further away from society, leaving his own home and eventually winding deep into the woods. When the instrumental solo smoothly rolls in, we are returned to the previous night, where we witness just what he’s running from: the woman in white visited unannounced in the night, pulls him into a trance, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.”

christianparker · EVERY PASSING MILE


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