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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Tamara Grace’s Vulnerable New Single “Bad Girl” 

By: Staff –

Emerging Canadian pop artist Tamara Grace is back with her vulnerable new single “Bad Girl”, which you can stream exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Bad Girl is about a girl who wants nothing but to be loved for the person she is on the inside, rather than for who she is on the outside,” said Grace. “She wants to be taken care of, as she is someone who tends to be unstable and dependent on others. She is wise, intelligent and kind, but can be naïve and at times, cold. Because of her striking beauty, she is rarely taken seriously and is often taken advantage of. And because of those who doubt her, it drives her mad to the point she can no longer control the anger she has been feeling.”

Stemming from burnt-out romantic relationships and friendships, Grace penned “Bad Girl” with feelings of frustration and sadness after feeling taken advantage of and misunderstood. Describing “Bad Girl” as a “punch in the gut”, Grace uses her expressive lyrics and bold melody to tell the story of a girl who wants to be seen for who she truly is on the inside. Flawlessly offering a raw and honest retrospective look at the ways she has been overly dependent and naive in past relationships, Grace sends a warning that ‘hurt people hurt people’, all while calling out for a love that is real, healthy, and authentic. With the lyrics written in only two hours, “Bad Girl” initially started out as a Country-Pop ballad, and was later transformed into a mid-tempo pop song after Grace took to her keyboard to test bass sounds. After presenting the song to one of her biggest fans – her father, who tapped his foot along to her performance of the song, Grace added the drum beat “Bad Girl” features today, which is the exact cadence of her fathers rhythm. Through mixing and mastering by Michael Benjoar of QDS recording studio, “Bad Girl” is unlike any song Grace has ever crafted before, showcasing a new side of her vast musical abilities.

Citing a diverse group of talent from music icons Freddie Mercury, Stromaë, Lady Gaga and Adele as her musical inspirations, Grace crafts her music with their styles of song-structuring and vulnerable song-writing in mind. Her mission is to connect with her listeners and remind them that everyone deserves love that is focused on who each of them are on the inside, rather than the often superficial focus on outer beauty. Grace’s advanced, relatable lyrics and musicality have set her apart, and her new single, “Bad Girl” will be sure to delight her current and soon-to-be fans, alike.


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