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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Unveil New Single/Video “Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write)”

By: Staff –

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have released a new single/video, “Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write),” from their forthcoming remix album, Butterfly 3001, out January 21st on KGLW.

Following last month’s “Neu Butterfly (Peaches Remix)” and “Shanghai (Dub By The Scientist),” King Gizzard continue their remix streak with “Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write)” and expand on it with an accompanying video directed by John Angus Stewart, starring iconic Australian author, satirist, radio presenter and documentary maker John Safran, and featuring appearances from Alkiviadis Grapsas and John Dimoulas. Watch the video below.

“’Black Hot Soup’ is an almost perfect way to describe the world as we know it in the present,” said Stewart. “A bubbling, thick, sticky, confusing angry place that seems to be made for generations long past. Therefore I wanted to portray a character somehow revelling in the chaos, dancing on the ashes of society. There is an inherent freedom watching someone hitting bottom so hard with a smile. To me it’s a non cynical representation of expression through music! As DJ Shadow fully reworked ‘Black Hot Soup’ I cast John Safran to fully re-work the song again within a performance. Calling it a dance is a stretch, I’d call it more of a full body dry heave.”

King Gizzard’s Joey Walker elaborates: “We’ve put off doing a remix album for a long time. Maybe it was conscious, maybe it wasn’t. But it’s happening now. That’s not to say that Butterfly 3000 makes the most sense to remix. It might seem like the obvious one, but it’s not. Yes it’s electronic. But so is a fridge. Have you tried to dance to Butterfly? It’s hard. It ties your shoelaces together. It’s duplicitous in its simplicity. But Butterfly 3001 expands on this. It also deviates and obliterates. We’re honoured to have such esteemed people go to work on these songs. We hope you love this album as much as we do. See you in DA CLUB!!!”

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