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Exclusive Premiere: Watch Marissa Burwell’s New Video for “Why Can’t I” 

By: Staff –

Emerging singer-songwriter Marissa Burwell is back with her new video for “Why Can’t I”, which you can watch exclusively via Aesthetic Magazine below.

“Bittersweet was one of the last songs written on this record and once the song was written the album kind of named itself,” said Burwell. “The title captures the process of making this record through a pandemic, putting salt in old wounds and then watching them heal, as well as the vulnerability that comes with sharing your step by step journey to brutal self-awareness.”

An indie act from the heart of the prairies, Burwell is best known for her captivating, yet endearing performances – and she’s already getting a lot of attention. Writing for her own ears since 2010, Burwell began cutting her teeth in the local scene in 2017, and it is now clear that she is on the verge of something special. And that’s exactly what you find on “Bittersweet” – consummate songs for a late drive home, or the score to a deep conversation with your closest friend. 

Watch out for Burwell’s new album, Bittersweet, when it drops on January 28th!


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