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Exclusive: Stream Emmure Guitarist Joshua Travis’ New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired His Debut EP “No Rest”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of Joshua Travis’ debut EP No Rest, the Emmure guitarist curated a brand new Spotify playlist that features songs that inspired the EP. Stream it below! 

Travis’ debut single “Web of Lies” ft. Andy Cizek (Monuments, Termina) and Stephen Taranto is available to stream here. The track is the first piece of Travis’ debut EP No Rest, which includes collaborations with members of Australia’s Polaris, Japan’s Crystal Lake, America’s Fit For A King and more. 

Frontierer – “LK WX”

I really love the tempo of this track and the space it provides for Chad (Kapper – lead singer) to be able to flex on his patterns and total characteristics. Such a super unique voice!

Crystal Lake – “Hail to the Fire”

The energy of this track is very infectious to me. And SHEEESH! All the voices Ryo (Kinoshita – Vocalist) produces on this are so crazy! I love the range he has all over this one.

Burnt By The Sun – “Shooter McGavin”

This entire record is monumental for me. BBTS was by far one of my greatest influences at a young age and they really had a lot to do with shaping how I play and write. I’m sure you can hear it. The way that it’s so insanely heavy and tech at times, but doesn’t feel like it’s tech, THAT does it for me big time.

Advent – “Nothing”

Kind of a recurring theme here with how visceral this band is. This record is another monumental one. The mix is so angry. I literally rage listening to this! It’s one of the most pissed records of all time and I’m here for it!

Vision Of Disorder – “What You Are”

Don’t say I didn’t tell you lol. Recurring theme here big time. This type of sound is what I want FOREVER. Just really raw and pissed off. No tricks… just people freaking RIPPING IT. This band is another monumental influence for me. Can you hear it? 

Will Haven – “Foreign Film”

The MIIIIIIX uuuuugh. The wall of sound happening in this when it kicks in… Good lord… I’ve been trying to find that guitar sound for fifteen years and I still haven’t. There’s ZERO attack and articulation to it. But instead, just a freaking WALL OF SOUND! Where the hell do I get that hahah. I literally worship this record.

Neck – “Old Teeth”

More of that freaking raging sound. Super raw and just pissed. So many of the bands and tracks I’m listing here all have that glow about them. I live for this sound. It just feels so real and like you’re in the room. So many of these bands seriously had a lot to do with shaping me at an early age, and I think by now, you have to be hearing it as well.

Korn – “Proud”

Here’s yet ANOTHER one that played a massive role for me early on. Lol… are we hearing that raw sound AGAIN?! I’m all about it. Listen to the freaking drums on this track! No listen to the guitars! No no no no… the freaking vocals!!! Noooo no no that bass though!!!?!? Hahah I can’t get over this track even after all these years. It’s absolutely just as sick as it was the first time I heard it.


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