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Understanding the Rock Star Video Slot Phenomenon

By: Staff –

Forming a rock band and enjoying global success is a dream for many musicians. As well as getting your music heard by millions of people, you can achieve wealth and fame beyond your wildest dreams. Hitting the big time in the modern age brings endless financial opportunities through merchandising, licensing, and endorsement. From rock T-shirts to kitchenware, no stone is left unturned in the music marketing machine’s quest for profit, and fans are more than happy to show their loyalty to their bands by kitting themselves out in branded gear.

Rock slots

But one area where music franchising seems to be restricted to the world of rock is video slot games. Artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, and Ozzy Osbourne have all appeared on official casino slot games in recent years, while pop bands are notable for their absence. So, what is it about video slot gaming that attracts the rocking world?

Keeping on the radar

You would imagine that these artists are all well off already. But getting their name and music featured in the gaming arena is a great way of boosting profits further, while also keeping them on the radar of today’s gaming generation. For the game developers, rock imagery and music are a great fit for slot games that rely on visuals and sound to attract players.

A natural fit

The best example of a rock theme that works well with a casino game is the Guns N’ Roses slot game developed by NetEnt. It is an officially licenced game, so you get to hear genuine songs from the band while enjoying your bonus spins on this classic five-reel slot game. Tracks you can rock out to include Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain and Chinese Democracy. Yes, you even get the title track from the much-maligned sixth studio album, which was the second-most expensive rock album ever produced.

The game also features band members as symbols on the reels. Axl Rose is the jackpot symbol, while Slash and Duff McKagan also appear. You even get a cheer from the stadium crowd when you hit a winning line.

A lot of rock music uses casino themes in videos and lyrics. For example, Motorhead’s most famous song was Ace of Spades. Cards, dice, and casinos regularly feature in rock videos. It seems that rock music just works in the video slot game world.

Rock fans love merchandise

Rock-themed slots are just the latest in a long line of rock music merchandise that has been marketed to fans over the decades. Back in the 1970s, rockers KISS recognised that fans would buy almost anything with their branding on.

This resulted in KISS-themed cookie jars, pinball machines, board games, potato head figures, and air guitar strings, which were just an empty bag! But perhaps the weirdest item of all was a branded coffin, marketed as the KISS Kasket.

We can’t imagine many of today’s artists being so audacious with their merch, but the influence of rock in the wider media, particular iGaming, looks to be more prominent than ever.


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