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Exclusive: Stream The Bros. Landreth’s New Curated Spotify Playlist Feat. Songs That Inspired Their New Album “Come Morning”

By: Staff –

To celebrate the release of The Bros. Landreth’s (Joey Landreth & Dave Landreth) new album, Come Morning, the emerging folk/Americana duo curated an exclusive Spotify playlist featuring tracks that inspired the making of the album! Stream it below.

The most immersive, emotive record of the Landreths’ career, Come Morning finds the duo lacing their melody-driven songs with layers of atmospheric synth, organ, and textured guitar. The group’s previous albums shone a light on their strength as a live act, capturing the spontaneity and sonic stomp of a band of hard-touring road warriors. If those records unfolded like snapshots of The Bros. Landreth’s nighttime shows, then Come Morning sketches a markedly different picture, showcasing the introspection and clarity that comes with a long period of rest.

Nathaniel Rateliff – “And It’s Still Alright”

This track (and the record that it’s from), along with Bonny Light Horseman, were my pandemic anthems. I can’t pinpoint exactly the influence that they had on this album that we just made, but because they were such a big part of my soundtrack while we were making these songs, I know that they’ve left their mark one way or another. It’s hard to get that close to something and not have it rub off in some way. -Dave

Blake Mills – “Cry To Laugh”

This record had a HUGE impact on us when it came out in 2014. The first Blake Mills album, Break Mirrors, was a favourite too, but this album changed the way we listened to music. There was a depth to the writing, the performances, and the production, that we’d never seen in this type of music before. I think it worked its way pretty deep into our subconscious over the past 8 years — it shouldn’t be hard to hear the influence it had on our new stuff. -Joey

Bonny Light Horseman – “The Roving”

Again, not so much this particular song, but this whole record… A lot of people fell in love with it, and I think it’s just so deserving of that affection. It’s raw, beautiful, and haunting. I think Anaïs Mitchell is a genius. When these songs come on at my house (which they do very often) they make me feel different and I couldn’t help it if I tried. I just love it so much. Also, SO MUCH REVERB!!!! -Dave

Dawes – “Roll With the Punches”

Dawes is my favourite band. At first, I didn’t like this record. Which is almost always how I feel about the records that I fall in love with the most. They turn me off at first because something about it challenges me, but the music is so good that I feel compelled to go back and work through that discomfort. It’s a hard-fought relationship, but it forges something lasting… The guy who mixed this record, Greg Koller, was the cat that we tapped to mix our new thing. I was delighted to find that a bunch of his sensibilities, that I adored from this Dawes record, were tastefully woven into ours. -Dave

John Mayer – “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

One of the tracks on our new record, “Drive All Night”, has an extended outtro and when we were demoing it we reference this song by John Mayer pretty directly. We’re big JM fans… The drummer on this track is named Aaron Sterling, and though we didn’t know it at the time, he would end up recording the drums on most of our record too! I guess it kind of came around full circle. -Joey

Emily King – “Out of the Clouds”

When we were working on “Corduroy” from the new record, we were looking for references for bass sounds and we turned to this track. Emily King is one of my favourite artists and we listen to her stuff pretty regularly for production inspiration. – Joey

KD Lang, the Siss Boom Bang – “A Sleep with No Dreaming”

Both Joe and I ADORE this record. I was touring in another band in 2011 when this record came out and we ended up on a bunch of the same festival bills as KD that year. I had the chance to see this show live four or five times and it blew my mind every single time. KD Lang and Joe Pisapia co-produced this one. We ended up calling on Joe to play pedal steel on one of the tracks on the new record, “You Don’t Know Me”. I think you’d be able to hear some production similarities between this song and “Don’t Feel Like Crying” too. -Dave

Ry Cooder – “Get Rhythm”

If we’re talking inspiration, this list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Ry Cooder. We didn’t necessarily draw from this record, but the music is so deep in our bones that I don’t think that we sound the way we do without Ry. -Joey

Vince Gill – “When I Call Your Name”

I think a lot of our sound comes from the vocal harmonies and arrangements that I write, both for the records and for the live show. I use a vocal system that I borrowed from gospel and country music and this song is my gold standard for near perfect vocal arrangements. -Joey

The Campbell Brothers – “The Judgment”

We mentioned Ry Cooder earlier and how we wouldn’t sound like us without his music. Well, Ry wouldn’t sound like Ry without all the sacred steel players that came before him. The Campbell Brothers are a great example of that tradition, but there are loads more to check out too… -Joey


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